Not a penny more, not a penny less Review

It definitely would be an understatement if I said that the book ‘Not a penny more, not a penny less’ is good. After all it is a work of the master story teller or the ‘Lord of Story Telling’  Jeffrey Archer, it will and it has to be….. awesome !

This masterpiece of Jeffrey Archer got him his fame and international acclaim. Not a penny more, Not a penny less was published in 1976 and also it was his first novel.

Harvey Metcalfe, a monstrous don of illegal deals who turned himself from a nobody into more than a somebody; he now is a person everyone knows about ! He is the guru of deception. He definitely is the last person you would want to mess with.This Polish American magnate is one of the most disciplined people you could ever come face to face with.

Making easy money is what Harvey knows best, but this time he messed up with the wrong guys: an Oxford professor Stephen Bradley, Dr Robin Oakley a general physician, Jean-Pierre Lamanns a bond street art dealer and Lord James Brigsley who was a heir to Earldom. By successfully cheating these men into investing shares in Prospecta Oil( another shady company of Metcalfe) said to have struck oil and was about to go public in a few days and on a ‘not so fine’ day we find this company abandoned by Harvey and the whole board and its employees paid for their services in advance leaving the company’s shares to the lowest ever almost leaving the four with nothing. They lost everything they had had.Harvey is in with some tough fight.

Stephen induces an idea in the minds of the other three with an agenda to get back what they have lost. Not a penny more, not a penny less. They were supposed to be getting back the exact amount they had lost to Harvey.

One thing that was deemed true and Stephen was sure of; there was no legal procedure to win back what they have lost.The plan is simple, Stephen finds out almost everything about Harvey and there is almost nothing that he doesn’t know about the Polish American magnate.All four of them will figure out a plan to get back the money they have lost over a period when Harvey comes holidaying from America to Europe away from his home ground.Everyone comes out with a plan except for the Lord who had been busy trying to woo an extremely beautiful model Anne Summerton.

The rest of the story is about how the four put together their wits and practise with split second timing to get their money back.They follow Harvey to Picture galleries, casinos in Monte Carlo and also in the high stakes windows of Ascot. I wouldn’t want to go any further for I do not wish to spoil the surprises in store for you in this wonderful box of surprises! The caption of the book is something I agree with and also relate to – DON’T GET MEAN, GET EVEN …

Jeffrey Archer never leaves a chance to not to amaze you. At the end of each page there’s one thought in your mind “what’s gonna be in it for me once I turn this page”. This book is completely unputdownable ! There are surprises and twists in for you which would take you onto a roller coaster ride! And beware, I wouldn’t recommend this book for people with weak hearts for it may be too difficult to take in the surprises in store for you!

I guess you will get it why this book still is of the best-sellers in the world. It definitely is a page turner and I am sure you would regret not reading this one before.

Rating : 3.5/5

Publisher : Pan books
Official url : Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less

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If you ever disagree with any of the above content regarding the book please let me know.

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