Kung Fu Panda 3 Review

“Welcome to Pandahood!!” With all the Panda’s young, fat, old… This is where even the toughest guys would melt down like a little girl and ‘Aww’ at all the Panda’s out there!

Oooooh wait! Animated movie!!! EEEEk .. that’s for kids! Well whoeverthinks of this that way, you ought to push your way down until the end of this one… I bet I’ll change your views!

The opening of the movie, with Grand Master Oogway, and his presence all through the movie was something that kept me from jumping out of my couch! I knew from this moment that whatever may happen, there’s Grand Master Oogway and his wisdom all through that would solve any hurdle thrown on Po’s path to glory!

All of us have been with Po and the legendary five and Master Shifu through all their ordeals and their good and tough times and learnt in the past two movies that friendship never dies and Po is one big fat Panda who can do anything because he learns to trust himself and his friends and wins over his enemies and our hearts as well!

Kung Fu Panda is just not about amazing action sequences and fights to glory; the franchise is all about facing your inner fears and discover your inner strength and sometimes attain inner peace too!

To overcome all your inner fears, one just doesn’t have to seek the answer from with. One sometimes has to seek the answer from outside, from friends and the ones close to our hearts.

Just so we embark on this journey of amazing ideals, here is the basic plot! (Trust me … I know you hate spoilers! I hate them too! So, no worries!)

The Plot

The story begins with a heart pounding battle between Grand Master Oogway and Kai, who ends up capturing Oogway’s Chi (Inner strength) instead of defeating him. Kai uses this Chi to enter the real world from the Spirit realm!

Master Shifu retires and hands over the job of teaching to Po who turned out to be terrible at teaching. While he was squandering in self-pity he meets his father – A Panda! (He actually breaks Po’s record of eating the most dumplings)!!

Kai defeats all the Kung Fu masters of China and Master Shifu learns that only a master of Chi can defeat Kai. It is then that Po embarks his journey to the secret Panda village to become the master of Chi.

What happens next? There are theatres for you to find out! Just grab your wallets, a bucket of popcorn and coke, sit back and have fun!

What I felt?

The movie was all about emotions and knowing about your true self and that was heartwarming!

I just loved the story and the animation. Kudos DreamWorks!!

I like who I am!!

But you don’t even know who you are!

The emotions!!! Waow! I literally was like this —


There are some things about the movie which were a letdown for me though. Personally, I expected it to be a laugh riot like the previous two parts. This one was focused on story a little more than its prequels and less on comedy and humour.

Also, most of the humour shown in the movie was almost all of what was shown in the trailers of the movie.

Coming to the trailers, they were a little too revealing. After every few minutes in the movie you are like, “Oh! Okay, I knew that was coming because I saw that in the trailer.”

The characters in the movie developed as the movie progressed. We get to know more about Po, his dad and his dad! (okay his dad- the goose until he revealed it to his son in Kung Fu Panda 2 and his genetic dad). We also learn a lot about Master Shifu and his humility and calmness and the true spirit of a master!

This being the third part of the trilogy was well wrapped up! Po is a success and brings peace to the valley. We also get the clarity of why Grand Master Oogway made Po the Dragon warrior.

The most exciting part was when I learnt what the Whoosh finger hold did! Finally!

There were very few loopholes in the story as well and overall was a good watch.

I just wish someone would do a Wooshi finger hold on me as I would love to spend all my life in the serene lake by the side of Grand Master Oogway!

Would I recommend it?

Hmm… I would recommend this movie for everyone if you don’t expect a lot out of it!

Try not watching this one!

It would be a treat if you do not watch the trailers (especially in the countries in which it yet has to be released!)

A one-time watch! And definitely one to watch with kids! (The story is so smooth that kids would be riveted to the movie and understand all of it without constantly nagging you while you enjoy it!)

This is one movie which delivers a beautiful message about family and friends, trust and belief! All this in a 95-minute package with amazing animation. It’s a treat to watch it with family.



  • Jack Black as Po
  • Randall Duk Kim as Grand Master Oogway
  • J K Simmons as Kai
  • Dustin Hoffman as Master Shifu
  • James Hong as Mr. Ping
  • Bryan Cranston as Po’s dad (Li Shan)
  • Angelina Jolie as Tigress
  • Jackie Chan as Monkey
  • Seth Rogen as Mantis
  • David Cross as Crane
  • Lucy Liu as Viper

Direction: Alessandro Carloni and Jennifer Yuh

Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Comedy, Animation, Family

Rating: PG

Personally I would rate it an 8/10





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