Erased (Boku Dake ga Inai Machi) Review

Revival! Revival. Revival? Revival what? Was it a glowing blue butterly out there? Oh no… What’s about to happen?

I just went back a few hours where I finished watching Erased and though of writing a review and ended up procrastinating it for tomorrow. Lucky I went through revival else my laptop would’ve been crushed tonight! Phew!

Boku Dake ga Inai Machi or Erased in English was recommended to me by a friend of mine who is determined to draw manga. I kept postponing this one as it wasn’t a completed season and only three episodes were released by then. So, one evening I had nothing to do and I ordered pizza home and watched the first episode.

What do I see? The main character Satoru Fujinuma is a pizza delivery guy who wished to be a manga artist. Whoaa! So did the universe conspire to make me watch the story of a pizza delivery manga artist while I was having pizza and recommended by an Otaku.

Well, keeping all the theatrics for an introduction aside, I can say this anime had a wide variety of themes portrayed in it with very good and harmonic music and OST’s. This 12 episode anime presented much to offer when I first saw the three episodes which were released. These episodes were gripping instantly and made me vouch for this anime.

What made it gripping? Well here is the general description and plot of this story.


It is a story of a 29 year old pizza delivery boy who possesses an ability to go back about 5 to 10 minutes in the past whenever something negative or dangerous was about to happen to him or his surroundings. He called this phenomena ‘Revival’. On one of the normal days in his monotonous life he finds his mother murdered and he ended up being framed by the police for the murder of his mother.

He goes through revival that night and ended up 18 years into the past where he was 11 years old and in his 6th grade. He finds out a link between his mothers death and the murders and kidnappings of three kids while he was at school.

The story is about him trying to save the children in order to disrupt the plans of the murde — Oooops! I said too much!

Well this is exactly what was shown in the first three episodes and they were mind blowing. If I were to watch this in a theatre I guess I would’ve been chewing my nails as a topping with popcorn and sitting at the edge of the chair! The anime manages to keep the viewer captivated and the suspense will eat you up! Literally! I’ve got nailless fingers now!

Well, I would go on with a little more detail on the basic outline of the story, but I am a person who doesn’t like ruining the fun for others like many people out there. (I just saved myself from this girl who rarely could keep the crux of stories to herself! Can’t blame her though. Her natural instinctcs! Pfft!)

How I felt about the characters?

Now, coming to a very important part of the anime; the characters. The chareacters turned out to be bland and puppets made of clay moulding themselves to the convenience of the story. The anime fell short of characters which aren’t so good like you remember them forever like Light Yagami( Death note) and Natsu Dragneed, Happy and Gray (Fairytail). The viewer doesn’t feel at home with the characters. They sometimes behave awkward with respect to their ages too.

The 29 year old Satoru was boring and wasn’t interesting at all while his childhood self was lively and happy because of his friend Yuuki, a friend of his way elder to him but was always good to Satoru. I never understood why he becomes dull in the present.

Kayo Hinazuki, the first girl out of the three girls who go missing and found murdered was abused by her mother. The depiction of the scenes was mortifying and moved me. But Kayo was one character I liked a lot. She is simple naïve and was in need for a friend. Satoru was a support for her through her bad times. But, sometimes I felt that Kayo’s character and backstory had little to do with the story.

Sachiko Hinazuki, Satoru’s mother; she is one caring mother. Honest with her son and supports him with what he wants to do! She could’ve been the mother of the year (if and only if my mom wouldn’t participate)

The villain had a little screen space for himself too but we still don’t get a complete picture of him.

Lines on the Storyline

Here I can assure you that I won’t divulge any details that would hamper the Erased experience!

The series has a light humour where Satoru talks stuff out loud which he was just thinking placing him in awckward situations.

The characters sometimes seem too mature for their age. I don’t think Satoru’s friends (11 year olds) would help him in all his endaevours. They are kids afterall, they don’t have huge attention spans and kids fool around which they seldom do! While Satoru behaves like a kid sometimes even though he has the maturity of a grownup. A grown-up wouldn’t trust just anybody who is sweet.

Kayo was given a lot of screen space. But there was no back-story or anything much related to the other two victims! They just have about two episodes with very little mentions for each of them.

Boku Dake ga Inai Machi - 04 - Large 28

The series seemed hushed and was finished just so that the story could be wrapped up in 12 episodes. I felt that a 16 episode series would’ve done justice to this anime.

The story becomes a little boring around the 8th episode. The story goes on like a flipbook made by a twelve year old!

There is no mention of Yuuki who was the primary suspect of the missing girls. I vouched something good happens to him and I am left with an empty void as to what happened to him.

Now, the villain. He/she wasn’t portrayed quite well. His/her character seemed to contradict his actions. There wasn’t any real reason shown for him/her (I’m not giving you a clue about the villain).The motive isn’t quite clear and satisfactory too.

Now we come to the last two episodes of the anime and then again bang! The tempo is raised and heart-beat rises and you are left in awe.

After a while when you reminisce, that’s when you would feel the little shortcomings in this anime.

What I thought of the anime

Now that I warmed you up, or rather I think I warmed you up. Here is what I thought of the anime.

Just as much I am full of praise of the first three episodes, I could praise it until the 7th episode. The story becomes hazy, the pace becomes too fast with very less descriptions and loses the charm it held. Well not all of it, but only in a few aspects.

The art and the animation of the anime seemed apt and perfect for the setting and themes in this anime. The backgrounds and the light shades of colour are pleasing to the eye and also the expressions and the drawings of the characters were great except, whenever I saw Satoru’s mothers pout always made me cringe.

The music and the opening song is very pleasant and I would like to download the opening track and add it to my albums!

It falls short with it’s original theme as a psychological thriller too.

It story is in bits and pieces which haven’t been merged properly with thin strands of logic connecting each other but barely.

The over-all series is just alright, thanks to the climax that spiked a little interest back into the story.


Would I recommend it? Well, it is a good anime and could be in the best anime in the year, but  I would say that you could add it to your must watch list, but not necessarily in the top.

I would rate it  7/10

Oh! Before I forget, If you felt that I missed out something or would like to know more about this post, please do let me know!!


4 thoughts on “Erased (Boku Dake ga Inai Machi) Review

  1. Hey, I enjoyed this review. The villain was a bit too obvious, don’t you think? And sometimes I didn’t understand the motives for some of the characters. The 11 year-olds were definitely a LOT mature for their age. I look forward to reading more of your reviews.

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