Fate; Rewound — A short story

This is my experiment with writing, A short story of a time when humanity is facing extinction in a time where mankind is lucky to see sunlight and nights are longer than days. It is white as long as the eye can see and even the air is not pure enough to breathe. This is a time when mankind has failed to to look up to the future and think off overcoming this fate.

He knows that the solution is in the past.. He is the one who thinks he can save all life on earth from imminent death…

Will he be successful with this perilous endeavour he has to endure? Can he save humanity?

Yesterday, I was approached by the Corporation saying they needed a Nuclear Physicist. I am retired and teach sciences in the only school (with 31 kids) in my colony.

My family died fourteen years ago in the blast. Isn’t it an irony? At my age when I am supposed to die all younglings I’ve known are dead and I am the only one alive in my family!

Humans are at the verge of extinction. Most men are impotent and women incapable of conceiving babies. Even the few natural born babies don’t survive. If they do, they are deformed and monstrous. This life is not worth living.

All known flora and fauna are either dead or mutated to survive these conditions.

We are colony 19 off 31 with a strength of 421 entities.

All we could see was snow throughout the year and sooty black skies. The sooty clouds would clear the skies for two or three hours a day, the only time we saw Sunlight. Sometimes we couldn’t even see light for days together. There was a continuous spot of light like a bulb in a dark smoky room in the sky. It was white. We called it the Other Sun. No one understood it. We now had soot and dust storms atleast once a month. It rained black sooty water; it rained tar.

I never understood how a blast at Kanpur Nuclear Power-plant could cause a global catastrophe. A blast by this tiny plant couldn’t even cause a winter in the whole country of India. But, how did it turn to be a global nuclear winter?

Now-a-days people see hope. Things are better now. For the first time since the explosion at the Power-plant at Kanpur 16 years ago, which caused this nuclear winter around the globe did we have the hottest day with its peak temperature of -3 degrees. We were declared radiation safe five months ago. We still needed to wear gas masks to breathe though.

I am headed to the Corporation nuclear facility today, the Other Sun shining down on us. They said it was for the protection of life and I had nothing to lose now by going there. I never even understood why we had a plant when we needed to concentrate on human survival than research.

I reached the plant on the 18th day since we began. We had no vehicles. We walked all the 98km from my home to the plant wearing those uncomfortable breathing masks.

I learnt the truth when I met Dr. Aokee. After the blast and before communication seized globally, the Abdul Kalam Geo-Satellite found an unknown material. After things settled down everywhere, the old records were checked.

The data was disregarded as a technical fault. The site was 98km from colony 19; they set out an expedition and found 123 Megatons of Anti-matter. The plant was built around it for research and development for survival of humans using Anti-matter.

Fifty three days later we found out its exact composition. I had a brainwave. I could save us. All mankind could escape this fate forever!

Anti-matter Science 101

1. Anti-matter is a complete opposite of matter with opposite polarities, charges, gravity and is opposite in every aspect.

2. Contact between the both generates a large amount of energy instantly.

I went to Aokee and explained my plan. He didn’t accept it saying it was blasphemous and impossible to execute also adding that Anti-matter could be used for survival after the winter.

But, I knew better. After the blast, the ozone layer got depleted due to the radiation and soot. After this winter, the soot clouds which are protecting us from radiations will clear off. Days would be good for a few months. The radiations from the Sun will cause a surge in temperature causing a severe nuclear summer. All life would be roasted to death.

Aokee realised that there was no scope for life and consented to my plan. He notified all the colonies to report to the site stating an escape from the fate.

We started working on Project Survival. It took nine years for us to finish it.

Basic Science 101

1 The gravity of Anti-matter and matter cancel each other. Hence equal mass of both will make a body weightless.

2 Matter of negligible weight when propelled under light can travel at the speed of light.

We built a space-ship of the same mass and composition on the Anti-matter rendering it weightless. It was a feat. Something never thought possible by man. We did it. We will conquer fate and I am lucky to be a part of it. All humans boarded it and we travelled at light’s speed.

Everyone was happy, elated to escape this fate. They could start anew. We cried in sheer bliss. But fate couldn’t stomach our bliss.

Within moments we had a mechanical failure due to which a part of Anti-matter and matter came in contact and exploded immediately. This explosion propelled us faster. We crossed the speed of light.

I saw everything backwards. I saw our happiness when we boarded this ship. I saw myself looking at the Other Sun on my walk to the site and from my kitchen while making tea.

That’s when I realised what was happening. A paradox. Anything faster than light went back in time. And I proved it true! The Other Sun was a distorted form of the time-space dimensions.

When we decelerated to the speed of light as the explosion could carry us only so far causing a time-warp-boom similar to a sonic-boom which was a sudden blast of energy. We couldn’t feel it inside the ship but was felt outside it. The boom occurs at two places, the moment we cross the light’s speed and the moment we reach, the moment we decelerate to the speed of light.

I checked the vital systems of the ship and they were intact. We could still fly. All of us let out a sigh of relief when the ships chief observer came running towards me and Aokee. He thrust an e-file into my hand and fell to his knees crying. I opened the e-file.

What we saw left us all dumbfounded. Our time-warp-boom occurred over the Kanpur Nuclear Power-plant. The boom caused an imbalance in the electro-magnetic fields around it and caused the explosion in the plant. We saw the mushroom cloud burst into the air. We were safe from it as we were in the upper stratosphere.

Fate punched me in the face, tears streamed into my eyes and everyone else’s.

I didn’t change our fate; I caused it!

Everyone on-board was crying and furious; all the 12,854 humans excluding the 131 babies. Rage against me consumed everyone.

I couldn’t stand the helplessness sweeping all over me. I ran hoping to run away from everyone, hide. Escape from all these people. As I ran, I didn’t realise that I had reached the Anti-matter core of the ship. I was now cornered. Behind me was a 7m steep fall into the suspension system of the core which didn’t let the Anti-matter collide with the matter all around it.

The men charged at me. As a reflex, I jumped. I jumped into the suspension system causing the stable core to collapse. This caused an explosion. An explosion that carried us all into another time-warp. Now I understood that it was this boom that caused the winter. The Nuclear blast was too small in potency to cause a global winter.

I felt nothing, I was at peace. Maybe it was my subconscious which prevailed and I had no body anymore. I was not sure.

I was going back into time. I saw India’s freedom struggle, the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, the Sphinx under construction, the Loch-ness monster (The myth was true after all), the first man to live, the first ape; it was the chicken which came before the egg!

Finally, I stopped in a pre-historic age, with dinosaurs all around. 65 million years in the past.

I saw a few T-Rex and a colony of Stegosaurus looking at the boom over an active volcano, causing the largest super-massive volcanic eruption in history forcing prehistoric life to extinction.

Fate; I am for I caused everything. All that man knows and all that he doesn’t. I have caused it.

Sixty five million years since the eruption, there was a nuclear winter. A retired school teacher of a dwindling human race ended his class by saying,” So kids, no one knows how the dinosaurs died.” He felt something wrong about it. He had vibes that he knew the truth and didn’t know it.

That evening the Corporation approached him. During his talks he went to the kitchen to prepare tea which was the only delicacy these days. He sighed and looked out of the window. He wondered how the Other Sun came into being.

All of this is Fate; Rewound.


13 thoughts on “Fate; Rewound — A short story

  1. This is genius.
    The science. The logic. The ultimate ending. It’s all so well thought out. At the last word, “rewound”, it all hits you so hard. It’s like a beat drop – or the literary equivalent, anyway.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So clever! And a really interesting concept! I’m really glad I read this, and would ask that you continue writing, you’ve obviously the talent.
    Interestingly enough, I started reading a book yesterday called Annihilation, which starts off with some researchers in a somewhat desolate environment; would recommend you take a look – maybe it could help with future pieces.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Quite educative and interesting. I love stories that give a little information for the reader and if you are this knowledgeable you should extend your craft to longer SCI-FI stories.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Pretty cool! I definitely didn’t see that coming.
    At first it made me think of The 100,with the mutant people and animals and radiation and such.
    I loved that we finally know that the chicken came before the egg!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Wow, this is an exceptional idea! I love how informative yet interesting this is, truly a captivating concept. I do want to constructively add that it would be nice if your sentences flowed a little bit better. Besides that, this is something you should really continue. Truly loved it!


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