Sphere by Michael Crichton Review

I read this book a long time back when I saved up money and went to a second hand store to buy second hand books. I was reading Harry potter and the part I don’t remember which when I was going through the shelves and I found Jurassic Park. I was like, “What in the dinosaur does this movie have a book for!”

I never was allowed to watch that movie, my mom never let me, or maybe I was partially scared of watching the dinos tear up men. Well so I read that putting aside my Harry Potter ( Ugh! Never mind, the movie anyways is gonna come up next year was what I thought).


I was done with Jurassic park and Lost world that somewhere in my head a switch flipped and I got into Mega Michael Crichton Mode!

I bought about 9 books of his at once with a mission to not to return any of those again!

The first of those books was Sphere! And I still feel elated to be writing about this book which goes like this:

The Plot

A group of scientists were to travel to the bottom of the Pacific ocean and stay in an under-water habitat as The US navy finds out about an unusually large vessel at the bottom of the sea.

The team had Norman Johnson (the psychologist), Harry Adams (the mathematician), Beth Halpern (the zoologist), Ted (the astrophysicist) and Levine ( a marine biologist).

The vessel was about half a mile long and this team had to research about this “alien ship” as the growth around it estimated that it was submerged down there since the last three hundred years.

The weather turns rough on the surface forcing the supporting ships of the naval fleet to abandon them for five days altogether in the desolate habitat.

The team members enter the vessel and find out markings of the USA and come to the conclusion that it would’ve come from the future.

They reasoned that the ship’s future builders had no clue that their ship was found in the past concludes that the only practical solution was that they all may die down in the habitat to report the discovery!

While exploring the vessel they come across a 30 feet wide sphere. And that’s when the team is contacted by a seemingly friendly alien named “Jerry” and manifestations of sea life begin.

Now that’s when things become harder with the team and , and I guess I’ll leave it right here and let you read the book for more!

What I though about it?

The book was surprisingly a great read! Michael Crichton’s books usually leave you with awe by the end of the book. The science that he researches and pens it down is also one of the things I love.

The book continuously maintains its pace and explores the themes of human imagination and the theories of a sub-concious mind and emotions which are the roots of imagination in a man.


The book also talks of facing our fears and taking the harder path for the greater good rather than the easier wrong.

All this philosophies aren’t explained in the book, but once you close your eyes after reading this and muse over the chapters, the characters and the story one definitely would come down to these conclusions.

Talking about science; we have the concepts of time-travel, aliens, black holes explained beautifully with simple kitchen stuff as bowls, apples and ball bearings!

This is one book perfect for adrenaline junkies and people who love sciences ( even someone not familiar with sciences would understand it) This is one of those books which is Un-put-downable!

Would I recommend it?

Yes I would, I would rather say that this would be one of the must-reads.

Well, one better proceed with this as this has a good amount of violence, mild sexual content, and I believe crass words don’t matter anymore these days!

Later I got to know about the movie and I was all crazy to watch it. It turned out to be a poorly adapted movie of this wonderful book. So, If you’ve seen the movie, excuse the makers and read this one as if it is the first time! And if you haven’t.. then lucky reader, just grab a copy and finish this book!

You need action? Check!

You want to get high? Check! (Better don’t drive after you read this one. You would feel under-the-sea-sick)

Bottom line… This is one science-fiction book you have to read in your lifetime! P.E.R.I.O.D.

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6 thoughts on “Sphere by Michael Crichton Review

  1. I shall put this on my list of need to read books. I’ve never read sci-fi before, I think it’d be a good stepping stone book that causes me to be obsessed with sci-fi. It sucks that the movie adaptation is bad tho, the adaptation of my favourite book – Percy Jackson was TERRIBLE. Other movie creators sort of follow the book, but the Percy Jackson movie was like thay got the antagonist wrong, need I say more? How can you just change the antagonist? That’s a totally different thing that’s completely different to the book. Okay, I kind of went off a tangent, but yeah I will definitely have to read this

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I do know how that feels… I used to like PJ when I was little, and yes, I do hope you read this book and love it! If you do, let me know!, If you don’t ( the probability being almost zero) let me know!


    1. Thank you sir! I really do appreciate it! I am happy that you liked it! You must be knowing these books but I just wanted to tell you, SSN by Tom Clancy is amazing too! One of my favourite submarine novels is The Hunt for Red October!

      Liked by 1 person

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