Steins; Gate Review

Tuturuuu! Pleasantries to you!

If you were the sun and the stars I would actually wish to give you a Planetary handshake! ( Keeping my eyes closed, don’t want to risk my eyes!)

Since Death Note, I haven’t watched an anime with such a great plot! Don’t get confused here! This isn’t as dark as Death Note, but is just dark enough that you can relish the sweetness of the characters too.

Every Otaku I ever spoke to called this one a Masterpiece!

Here I am, escaping from the clutches of the organization’ who have been planning to tamper with my contacts to foil the plot I have laid to stop their hideous plans! ** Maniacal laugh ** and writing this review!

Okay! OKAY! I get it! You seem to be pissed off! What the grapes is this guy going on about! What organization? What’s this planetary Handshake? And What was Tutturuuu? Maniacal laugh? Does he even know what he is talking about?

Well, trust me I am! Let me help you through it!

The Plot

Steins; Gate is a story of a self proclaimed mad scientist Okabe Rintarou ( He calls himself Hououin Kyoma usually with a hysterical and a maniacal laugh associated with it. I answere one of the question already!!) His friends Daru and Mayushi call him Okarin. He is the founder of Future Gadget Lab and proclaimed himself as Lab member 001. He apparently has a power called reading Steiner (again self proclaimed) that helps him remember things that no one else does (I don’t wish to elaborate on this as it would be better explained in the anime)

Mayuri Shiina’s aka Mayushi’s planetary Handshake

Most of his inventions have almost no value as they just have terrific names for something invented previously. The only invention of his which is of consequence is his Phone microwave that has the ability to send text messages to the past ( These messages are called d-mails)

He meets Makise Kurisu ( she is an 18 year old to have published scientific papers in the magazine Science) and with her help and experience they experiment on the effects of d-mails and its properties.

Now that they can send messages to the past, they change the past ever so slightly causing unforeseen circumstances. (Now that was a twist I still can’t get over).

And from here, does the story begin to unfold into one of the best series ever!

The characters

The characters were terrific, each with their own personas and aura. Most of the characters progressed through the story, and that’s one of the main reasons to the success of this anime.

Hmm, let’s see, we have Okabe, theokarin mad scientist who keeps talking to himself on his phone and is in love with two women Mayushi (not the adult kind of love with Mayushi, they knew each other since childhood and Okarin can’t live without her and can’t bear if anything happens to her and would change the whole world if need be to save her) and Makise. Mayushi is a girl who doesn’t know about her surroundings and has an airy head and works part time at QueenMays Nyanyan as a waitress. She always called out to people and greets people by singing ‘Tutturuu’.

Makise Kurisu, the leading lady of this anime, beautiful and sarcastic yet has a great heart!

Daru the awesomest hacker who says perverted stuff which usually Makise claims as sexual Harrasment.

There’s also Moeka Kuryuu who is so shy that she prefers to text message people even if they are right in front of her. She apparently is too possessive about her phone (Sickeningly too much!)

These are the main characters around which the story revolves and Makise and Okarin develop their character through the story and Okarin has to choose between Mayushi and Makise.

Storyline speaks

I have to say, the beginning was sloppy, boring and I tried watching this anime 6 times until I forced myself to watch past the 7th episode.

I despice myself now for not doing so the first time. It is until the 9th episode that there is little story development and is concentrated on the introductions of characters and the phone microwave.

Post ninth episode until 12th is like warming up for a duel! And after 12th, you are mind boggled!

Each character gets a chapter of their own. The relationships grow deeper and deeper.


Okabe gets heartbroken so many times trying to undo an event so many times that he no longer feels bad about it and says that he doesn’t worry about failing as he has to relive the part again. That part was epic!

Showing the time travel scenes usually tend to become boring, but that wasn’t the case in this one, the director completely nailed it. The storyline, the definition of the universe and the rules of time travel were perfectly used up and nowhere did I come across a flaw!

This is an anime which has a great variety of characters, story and a great way to showcasing it.

The background score was amazing, I felt that it could be used better and in a few right places. The Opening track was alright. Not too good, not too bad!

The art, seemed hazy in a few places though. The colours were a bit too bright and in some parts seemed distracting and annoying at times. Every other scene had Cicadas going on it the background and to me was irritating.

Well this 24+1 episode series was a great watch Lucky for the special episode, the series seemed to have a little abrupt ending in the last five minutes, well the special episode gives it a smooth and EPIC climax.

Would I recommend it?


This is one anime I should say was driven to perfection!

The ending was one of the best endings ever and I would have to say, you have to sit through the first few episodes. The only back-drop of this one

So, I would say that you could procrastinate all that you

Future Gadget lab’s cool members!

have been doing and make way for this one!

This , I would rate as a 9/10.


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