Batman V Superman Review

“If we believe that there is even a one percent chance that he is our enemy, we have to take it as an absolute certainty”, said Bruce Wayne in the movie. I guess the critics have taken this a bit too much to heart maybe leaving no stone unturned in criticizing this movie!

Going back to the times when Batman V Superman was announced, I was like ‘this, this is going to be epic’ , then there was a time when reddit had people going nuts when the news of Ben Affleck playing Batman – “ Holy mother of Martha (I’m sure one can relate to this name after watching the movie) why out of all people is he in the movie! Batman would suck in this movie, so much for Bale’s legacy of Batman”

The trailer then came out “Whoaa! Now that was epic!”. The final trailer, “What in the name of the seven gods is this? Doomsday? Are they really serious? Did Batman and Superman exchange capes coz all I could see was Batman beating up Superman”

And then after so many days the movie comes out and two days later the world is spammed with ‘Sad Affleck’ videos and memes. “Hey wait the movie can’t be that bad! This movie isn’t even 50% rotten tomato!!”

The plot

The movie begins from the view point of Bruce Wayne of the Black Zero event which was a catastrophe where two aliens bring their fight to us.

The batman ends up branding people , for the greater good!

Batman takes up the responsibility to stop Superman; hell! Not stop him KILL him and show the world his true form not as a savior but as a monster who could wipe out the earth if he wished to.

And that’s when the epic fight begins and all hell breaks loose!

Now that was the basic outline, which everyone knows ( evident from the title)

What I thought of the movie

Beginning with the title I wonder who’s Justice is dawned in the movie? Or maybe I just missed out on something.

The beginning was amazing from Bruce Wayne’s view while in the end Superman who is supposed to be the symbol to greatness has no qualms of ruining a whole city and is perfectly fine! The portrayal of the devastation for the audience was perfect just making the audience want more from the movie.

Superman, played by Henry Cavill seems to have done great. His attempts at restoring his image within the citizens of earth doesn’t make an impact as is sentenced for a trial as being on earth he is entitled to laws of earth. Superman is brought upto a point of desperation that he comes down Gotham to warn Batman not to make any future appearances. What now Superman is a bully? Keeping that aside, the scene still was epic.

Ben Affleck as Batman was great, powerful and professional. This older version of batman when the Joker episode was done and also has Robin’s suit in his cave just makes us want to know what happened since the Joker incident! There was nothing in the movie which tells the non DC universe viewers regarding what could’ve happened in the past. There even is this dialog where Alfred says that Batman is too old to die young!

Regarding Ben Affleck, I would say, even he is one Batman we can watch out for. But one thing stayed with me from beginning to the end, when he wasn’t in the Bat suit and was Bruce Wayne all he had to do was stare, deadly stares! Stare at Alfred, stare at Batman, Stare at Lex, the havoc, the people in need, actually when I think of it again, he was paid to just stare at everything with a killing expression all through. I couldn’t remembering him smiling at all, not even when he is with pretty ladies around (was talking about Gal Gadot)

Lex Luthor! Jesse Eisenberg, he was the best part of the whole dark movie lighting up with humour, yet the darkness dawns over it. Jesse had done a remarkable performance and was the one who channelized the story. But, apparently he wants to stop superman and doesn’t satisfactorily seeks revenge or has a hatred just because he wants to stop any future incidents like that. It doesn’t sink into the audience what he wants to do.

The first time they meet

There wasn’t much in the movie about Wonder Woman played by Gal Gadot. She had a small role which was something like she came, she saw, she conquered! She definitely leave a positive impression in the time she was in it.

Now, the moment I came out of the movie I felt that it was pretty good but, there always is a but that negates stuff said before it! But, this movie could’ve been a bit less dark, so much hatred. C’mon I didn’t go in there to just watch two men (Okay! My bad! A man and an alien) fight and fight and fight. Jesse’s humour could just bring little smile in this movie.

The parallel world shown in the movie felt out of place and could’ve been made better. Because half the audience didn’t seem to understand the scene!

The dialogs sometimes don’t deliver the punch and kick they have to. But definitely, the dialogs were deep and good. The dialogs seemed apt as they were in the trailer rather than where they are in the movie.

I always have liked Batman and this movie just takes all the Principles of what Batman stands for and throws into the dump. I don’t know since when did Batman start branding criminals, killing criminals and beating policemen? Or maybe what Joker said was right- even good men turn rogue as the situations demand. So does this movie mean that Joker was right all along and Joker is the hero and BaNEi4svKkkPoblm_1_btman the villain?

Coming to the batmobile, it seemed like the mal-nourished famished version of the one in the Dark Knight trilogy but yet powerful!

The music was definitely gripping and awesome. I just happen to become a fan of Is she with you everytime it played. Some parts of the movie could’ve had better management of background scores for them. Yet overall it was alright.

The climax definitely had a punch to it especially with Gal Gadot in it. The sequence was emotional, powerful and hardcore.

The action was terrific and yeaah! No shaky camera in this one!

The movie ended on a jaw dropping note ( Not gonna tell until you watch it (I hate giving out spoilers)) but winked at the audience in the end.

I was so pissed off when the movie finished as I was waiting like a dork for a post-credit scene with three other DC fans and the cleaning crew staring at us like we were imbeciles in an empty auditorium.

Would I recommend it?

To DC freaks, yes of course, you wanted this one and definitely is worth watching!

Kids no wonder will want to watch this movie and dear Parents, you can sit back and relax ( no not relax this movie is far from relaxing, it just keeps getting exciting)!

Well, this movie is a one time watch and it is better to watch it in IMAX 3D (personally I loved the effects though even they were a little sloppy in the end)

To those who would procrastinate this movie after reading the reviews, I would say that it would be better to watch it, you may end up liking it!

I would rate this a 7/10 (I still can’t believe how this movie could be rated so low! It isn’t as bad as the critics say.)

The movie definitely does prove that Power can never ever be innocent !! I simply loved the dialog.

Hold on, is it just me or did the movie ever mention Batman as Batman? Coz everywhere he was mentioned as the Bat. Is it because of the new Franchise or is it the story or is it in the comics?

Also this doesn’t matter, but both Batman and Superman ( Ben and Henry) are double chinned!



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    1. yes! And the worst part is that I think the theatre guys would start recognising me as I happened to do the same thig for Deadpool too !
      and yes Batman brands people (That isn’t a spoiler, its in the trailer itself!)

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