Iggy Azalea’s Team

The other day I happened to realise that I hadn’t heard a new song since eternity!

I just went on to youtube and began browsing and that’s when Team came up in the Up next section. I was like, No I don’t want to listen to Iggy.

But, But, But …

I never liked her songs and her rap. I started searching for trending songs from various locations like Netherlands, UK, New Zealand. I kept hearing all of those and didn’t like any of them. I started multi Tasking. I was just working on my Batman V superman review and was listening to the songs running in another tab.

I happened to get so into typing that I lost count of the number of songs I heard until the chorus of this song played and got me back to earth.

Baby, I got me, Baby I got me and that’s all I need!

Oh! My, my, this chorus is simply phenomenal! The video, well she really does a great job there too!

That just got me hooked up to the song, Immediately I ended up downloading this and heard this. Itunes says that I’ve heard this track about 106 times already! And I still am nowhere near my Song saturation point where a song starts to make me sick!

Regarding this track, The rap all through was just average with nothing much to pump it up but just the hope of the happiness when I get to the Chorus of the song!

The music isn’t great or something that would be something to watch for too. I also happen to have liked her voice and look forward for her album Digital Distortion.

The song isn’t phenomenal or anything, it’s just addictive!

I guess this one is going to be something going on for a while around!

I come back around to the chorus yet again! I just turned out to freak you guys out with the chorus stuff! haha!

This is my first time I am writing about songs, so I would love to have a feedback!


8 thoughts on “Iggy Azalea’s Team

  1. I’ve always liked Iggy. I guess I like her story. Her rap is ok, if I can understand it; even the dirty stuff. What I like most is the dancibility aspect. This latest joint has some nice bass in it. She also has a nice slur to her words…you may have no idea what I mean.

    Anyhow…think you chose wisely, made your point with writing a book, gave your visitors a listen, rather a guess, and now have “Music” as one of your categories.

    Consider the day you posted this…a Thumb’s Up!!!

    Oh! By the way, I’m a young 60. If I like it…well alrighty then!

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      1. My phone wouldn’t let me write the word I wanted, so I used “slur.” Twang works better.

        Keep in mind comments are subjective. The one hope I have for Sparky Jen is that visitors will let it fly. Say what they mean, and mean what they say. I ain’t got to like it or agree. Isn’t America beautiful?!

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