Bad-Ass of the week: Tyrion Lannister

So I just saw the new trailer for Game of Thrones S6, and man, am I hyped. And seeing Tyrion going to those dragons motivated me to write about, well, him.

To all those who don’t need to be spoilt ; here you go the latest trailer to GoT S6

The Man Who Thinks


Game of Thrones
You know what this means, don’t you?

Tyrion Lannister is, undoubtedly, the star of GoT. Not only has he survived Seasons 1-5 (passing through numerous risky situations), he is the only one who can be said to have met ALL the important characters- Starks, Tyrells, Jon Snow and his friends in black, Martells and the Baratheons and countless more. And now, with the new trailer showing

his brush with Khaleesi’s Dragons, S6 has got me riled up in anticipation.

He’s Muh Favorite

I like GoT not only because of it’s excellent production, it’s dark and political atmosphere, but of the way it shows off its character depth. All of them are a joy to watch: The A-grade acting has brought them all to life. And, one of the best jobs has been done by Peter Dinklage, the man behind the “half-man”. Although we may call him that, in any room he stands head and shoulders above the rest. The world cowers in his shadow. A sharp intelligence, and an astounding wit, with a mature and sensible heart at the core

Let’s Tone Down The Fanboyism

Tyrion Lannister has always occupied a pivotal role in the series. His cunning and common sense were established in the first few episodes of S1 itself, and by S2, he had established himself as an efficient Hand of the King. Relegated later to the role of “Master of Coin”, he was rightly horrified to see the financial state of the throne. Littlefinger, his predecessor, remarks to him “They’re just numbers on paper”; you can imagine the amount of debt they had. Not that you can ever trust Littlefinger.tyrion-littlefinger-303

Going Long, Going Strong

Tyrion Lannister has survived through the great odyssey  that is S 1-5 and has always come out on top. And with his foray into Dragonland, we can only imagine what happens next.


-A certain Peizoradeon’s message when he saw the trailer


Never trust Littlefinger.



13 thoughts on “Bad-Ass of the week: Tyrion Lannister

    1. You can’t blame martin, The series is going differently from the books.
      There are some big changes. Some who were supposed to be alive are dead and some who were supposed to be dead are alive ..
      And if you watched one of the of S6 .. there is Tyrions head on the Hall of Faces and that is killing me !


      1. Well of course that means that he is a GOD AND YOU MUST WORSHIP HIM BECAUSE THE NIGHT IS COLD AN HE’S OUT OF WINE


    2. I wonder how would the author actually feel about this.
      The characters we so love can die on his word. Hell, when he starts killing, there is no mercy (The Red Wedding). He must get a lot of mail along the lines of “OMG OMG PLS U NO KILL !! I DO ANYTHIN!!”


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