Minecraft Story Mode

Loneliness and joblessness had pushed me into a state of torpor. Granted I am a student, but sitting on my ass for so long was taking a toll on me

In such states I decided to listen to some music(music? Minecraft? You may be confused, but just wait. All good things to those who wait). But my collection seemed lacking.
So I checked out the UK top 40 and the Billboard. Nope, nothing of interest. Brainwave! iTunes Charts!!

I was just scrolling through and happened to find Minecraft Story Mode.

I never imagined that such a thing would just pop up out of practically nowhere. Just to be sure, I read it again. I re-read it again, and then I reloaded the page to make sure.

I was gaping at my PC like a dead fish. How in the world didn’t I know about this until now!

Hell 5 episodes! God, I need to get it for myself.

So, I downloaded it on my PC and started playing it.

Choosing Jesse who can be played as both a male and a female character. Needless to say, I chose male.

So, The game starts in a tree house and am I excited! The story begins, characters are introduced. I think it’s best I don’t reveal the names of the characters and the crux of the story because I believe in you enjoying the most out of the media (be it a book, movie, tv show, music or a game) with a less influence from spoilers!
Well, this is a game about three losers and Jesse’s pet pig who take part in Endercon, a building championship. Things go wrong and all hell breaks loose, to such an extent that a terrific and a horrendous beast is summoned. Thus the three friends undertake their journey to stop this abomination!
So, now that’s the story and you are warmed up.

The graphics are good. The huge pixelated world which we (All Minecraft players) love is in much better detail. The characters aren’t stiff and robotic and have genuine, human like motion and makes it seems even more realistic.

The story is dark, yet not so much to spook kids. The story seems kiddishly dark to be precise. A bit cliché Oh, okay types to grownups, coz we have seen just so much! How I want to be a kid again!
The dialogues are fun, humouring and the choices are fair and apt to the situation. The dialogs seem naïve at times (Well yeah, the game is basically for 9-15 year olds, doesn’t mean others can’t enjoy it!)
The game controls aren’t great. There are times where Jesse has to fight zombies and other night creatures, but the fights are boring and uncomfortable. It’s too restricted and a pain to wait for the game to tell us what and when to do. This was a big let down.
Also, this being a 3D game, the frames and. camera are restricted with no chance of a 360 degree view which makes you to huff and puff in frustration.((not enough explaination, pls add more detail))
The music is good and enjoyable all through the game and sometimes really great during times of action!

Over all this is a good one but not very great, Mojang definitely has a lot to learn from this one.

I would rate it a humble 7/10



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