Crazy Insane reasons why Bad-Ass people blog

Hello, people ! (The featured picture makes no sense! I know that! That’s why we bloggers are crazy people! Cheers!)

I was feeling empty one-day contemplating stuff. I got an urge to check the stats of my blog. Wooo! That was good. That’s when the brain started thinking and I thought- Why am I even blogging? This is insane! The more I thought the more I felt like writing this post not at all boring post! (I really am sorry if you get admitted to a hospital due to abdomen dislocation by laughter!!)

I think there are three kinds of people in this world(in the blogoshpere to be precise). The first kind is those who have no clue what a blog is. The second kind is those who have a clue but never blogged. The third kind is those who know what a blog is and blog.

From a person who doesn’t blog to those who eat,drink and dream about blogging; I present this blog in which I give the reasons as to why people blog.

Now, there’s a question which a few meticulous people may ask,”I am a blogger reading this through my awesome WordPress Reader, why would I want to know why I blog?” (Thinking to himself- Yeah! I am a crazy-Badass!) or just may ask,” Is this guy nuts?”

To that, I would reply,”Hold your horses you crazy bad-ass(es)! You know how a blog works. Everything is answered in the end!”

I came up with a few *lol* eureka moments why bloggers blog!

The diarists’ loneliness

I once knew a person who was a diarist (He once almost cried himself to death when his not-so-crazy younger brother hid his diary for fun). He wrote everything in it every day. One day he thought “Why should I have to keep my thoughts to myself? Why not share it with the world out there! So …. why don’t I start blogging!”
All I wanted to convey here through this was that some people wish that the world knows what they think of, be it current affairs, reviews , feelings and thoughts(about people, firms etc.) Gruellingly Badass! Coz all of us bloggers are!

The teachers agenda

There are people out there who know so much about things that their brain can’t withhold any more information(they happen to turn out like Leonard from Memento; forgetting things after the saturation of their brain) or that the brain expands out of the skull like one of those cartoons. An idea pops in “why don’t I blog and educate the people”(actually all the really care was to keep their head safe).

That’s the Sun. After destroying it. 😐 Oh, No! What have I just done!


These blogs contain information on various subjects based on the blogger.
These people blog to provide information they know to the people in need (just like a teacher). These blogs may vary from how to brush your teeth to one of the most complex bacterial strain known (not the classified company and government files, though- I just wish I knew any of that stuff except that my country’s army has invisible cloaks and weaponised satellite drones that could wipe out the SUN). Crazy! I am crazy! We all are! Duh…

The Bill Gates Factor

Everyone knows who Bill Gates is. Who doesn’t! He is one of the richest people in the world.
There are some who aspire to be rich( so rich that they wish to shower with notes every morning! — They may reek coz bathing with water is too “cheap”; That’s why they are called filthy rich) Beware! The person sitting by you who may be stinking may be a secret millionaire. *Winks
Blogging is another thing to do (coz using the word platform to blah blah is too boring) to earn money, advertise. It’s marketing I think. People market their products or the services of their firm. Some people advertise for others by linking their blog to advertisements. Money laundering Ass-hats! You be at the top of my Mad-ass meter!

The reading vectors

There was a kid who loved to read. He read books, blogs, scientific and news papers and what not. Few years later, on a not so fortunate day, he was left with nothing to read ! He was devastated for all he did was read, read and read and was left with nothing else to do. He was later diagnosed with a very serious condition of too much readingisitis. That’s when he learnt what had to be done. He acted as a vector and started blogging so that others too get addicted to reading. He is one crazy freak! (If I go down, So will you!)
These crazy people even infected this dog! You are really Bad-Ass!

Just humour. Some people blog on random topics just because they want people to read.These usually are interesting and humorous ones which help people inculcating the habit of reading. (AAAARGHH! “Inculcating” is too mainstream! I’m sorry… wasn’t helping)

Cure for Histrionic people

I knew a guy who wanted attention from people all the time. It so happened that one day he received zero notifications and messages on facebook. He was so depressed that he wept that day and had to take anti-depressants to calm himself. He was in such a state where he didn’t know what to do for he felt no one cared about him. After coming back to his senses he blogged.(Just an exaggeration here, and nothing against histrionic people. I just happened to find the word online! Blame the internet!)
Some people crave for attention all the time.They wish to be recognized and praised. Sometimes it so happens that blogs bring them attention from people (both known and unknown).Blogs bring satisfaction to people. They have the sense of security that they are being acknowledged. Selfish Bad-asses! Well, I can’t strike you off the list because you are in a way a Bad-ass!

The competitive copy cat

There was a person who used to copy everything that his friends did. He studied when they did, he laughed when they did. He didn’t stop there for he was competitive and tried to do those tasks better than his mates. Once it so happened that his mates started blogging. Now here I leave it to you to figure out what could have happened…
There are people who just can’t bear some one doing something which they aren’t. There are people who begin to blog just because someone they knew blogged.
These are the Craziest Bad-asses ever!
Well, I don’t think anyone could be crazier than these people!
Now to those people I have asked to wait, here is my answer, ” This wasn’t to inform you guys or tell you why you blog *sniggering at myself* This was for me to know which kind of a blogger you are!”
If you are reading this, I really do hope you liked it! And please do let me know about you! If your reasons aren’t any of these… What would they be?
Thank you, folks!

22 thoughts on “Crazy Insane reasons why Bad-Ass people blog

  1. Hey really nice post! And funny too! I think I started blogging for all of these reasons…. And there aren’t many results yet cuz I’m a NOOB Lol. But really the main reason is to get people to read my novel. Until I started blogging virtually NO ONE read it. But now, slowly but surely…. Bloggings great

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s called “the first and the last”. Chapters 1-5 are on my blog. It’s a fantasy novel, but not really like dungeons and dragons or game of thrones type fantasy. It’s still pretty mythical, but it’s mainly philosophy and metaphor within the confines of a story.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha, I didn’t think of the pic with that in mind though :p
      I was thinking in the lines that there is so much to blog but there are only a few reasons, the eggs being the reasons :p


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