Creed Review

When Bianca said to Adonis, “ You didn’t tell me your uncle was Rocky Balboa!” I was like , “Yeah Woman! Exactly! I guess we’re partners! We didn’t know about it until the movie began!”

I never had a clue that this was related to the Rocky series  when I went to watch it. I just happened to watch Rocky and Southpaw and both *takes a pause and jitters* were terrifically good!

Okay, you may get it by now, that I am not much of a Rocky fan, not that I don’t wanna be, I never got a chance to watch all the movies.

Anyways, let’s get down to the point, Creed, Adonis Creed! He definitely does a great job and yes he ain’t no fake Creed!

I don’t know but I felt that this one’s got a scope for a sequel!

But, a sequel is quite far, Let me tell you about the present!

The plot

The movie begins in an institution where Adonis as a kid had serious issues and always solved his issues with his hands!

He is adopted by his father’s wife, who’s role in the movie was quite touching!

The movie fast forwards to the present and Adonis wants to prove himself in boxing and create his own legacy, but as people find out about him being Apollo Creeds son; He has to face all the speculation.

He gets Rocky Balboa’s help to train him to be a professional boxer!

What I thought about it

The beginning I didn’t understand anything (Yeah, I didn’t know it was related to the Rocky series).

I happened to watch it passively until his mother speculates a relation between Rocky and confirmed when Adonis (played by Michael B Jordan) calls out to Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) for help to train him.

“Oh, what the boxers glove! It’s another Rocky part!”

Well, the story mostly had a positive vibe to it unlike what I expected, a weakling to world-champion kind of movie. Or one that has many problems and emotional issues.

Well, it had less of them, but whatever little it had, was portrayed perfectly.

The dialogs were above average and there were very few worth remembering.

The only one I would remember for like eternity would be the time when Rocky tells Adonis that his biggest opponent is himself and no-one comes in between his opponent!


The training part was fun and a little different from many of the boxing movies.

Stallone, yes, He did good in the movie, he acted good and delivered dialogs perfectly. As, his role demanded, he definitely did it justice! “Time, it catches up with everyone!”

While Michael B Jordan, well he seemed a bit too bland all through the movie. The only time I felt his emotions were before the final finale and again before the last bout! He had the same expression when he was happy or sad or being inspired! Well, that seemed out of place in this movie

*Goosebumps* That fight was ghastly!

Coming to the final finale. This was way better than Southpaw and Rocky. More deadly and felt completely real! Not even at one place did I feel it choreographed! That’s the whole point of a boxing movie right? A natural, Perfect nearly deadly fight!

But in some ways, it was a cliché and reminded me of Real Steel.

The music felt a little off. It doesn’t deliver the mood with respect to the scene it was played in. Personally ( I hate doing this again and again, but the music of Southpaw was way better and that definitely did justice to the movie). This being a boxing movie, I fell it needs the raw energy required in it which this movie lacks.

Well keeping all this in mind, I would say this was an average movie worth watching!

I can’t say anything about it giving justice to the Rocky series ( You already know why!)

Would I recommend it?

This movie, yes a one time watch.

To all the parents I think you’ll have to close the eyes of your kids during the last fight, coz that was gruelingly brutal!


Again, I would say a good one, but nothing to feel bad if you missed out on it!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I would rate this one a humble 7/10.

Well, that’s that! I will be back with another review for you all!

Thank you!


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