Badass Of The Week: Tywin Lannister

So continuing with our bad-ass of the week theme, today I’m gonna write about Tywin Lannister, the father of three most bad-asses characters on the show: The, The Kingslayer, and The Queen Regent. While this one was supposed to be Piezo’s turn, the poor guy is down with a case of examination fever(quite common here in India) that he even scheduled posts for a span of a month, so let’s not disturb him. Moving on.

A Hard Man With A Hard Life.

When Tywin was just a kid, he witnessed his dad grow weak and powerless first hand. The lords under him rebelled, and Tywin’s dad couldn’t do anything about it. It was then that little Tywin swore that he would become strong, stronger than his decaying fathers’ realm.

And become strong he did. He went out with his army, showed his upstart lords the error of their ways (not that they survived the process), and became the lord of Casterly Rock, the Protector of the West. Aegon Targaryen took a liking to the young Tywin and made him of Hand of the King.

When the revolt against the mad king started, Tywin was careful to remain neutral, but when Robert Baratheon neared Kings Landing, he declared himself to be on the other side, opened the gates for the enemy forces and commanded his son to kill the King.

The Father Of Lions

Tywin has, as we all well know, two sons and a daughter. His love for his family went to Cersei (sort of), his combat skills and dashing physique went to Jamie (left-handed and still alive! People have died from less) and all the cunning went to Tyrion (and maybe some other….qualities. You know, down under)


One look is all it takes!

Now, the three together are bound to give any parent a tough time, but not to Tywin. His one look is enough to make the trio backtrack on their steps.

Muh Family

Almost all of Tywin’s motivation can be traced to the intense love and loyalty he feels towards his family. Just in case you may misunderstand me, his love and respect is not for the family members per se, but for the Lannister name. He makes decisions solely on the basis of whether it would benefit the Family, making it abundantly clear that any poor sod who messes with the Lions gets a…..”Red Wedding”.

A Bitter Man With Harsh Plans

As I mentioned before, little Tywin had a less than perfect childhood, which probably led to the disillusionment of his. He forgot how to be ‘nice’.

That one time Tyrion fell in love  with a low-born girl, and Tywin had her gang-raped by the entire Lannister army. And that other time when he plots to have his own son sent to the wall for a plan he didn’t commit. He is a harsh man, and he believes in pain, deceit, and treachery, but, unfortunately, this led to his downfall.

Died While Actually Giving A Crap

So Tyrion went out of his way to kill his Lady-Love and his dad. Why? He could’ve escaped. Tywin wouldn’t have followed him or anything, in fact, he would’ve toned down the blood-thirstiness of Cersei too. So then why did he do it?

Because harsh men meet harsh deaths. It’s not about a cosmic sense of justice or anything. People like Tywin make a lot of enemies, but they can never reach him. It was only by a stroke of luck that Tyrion caught him alone and unprepared. Tywin had been a cause of many a misery for Tyrion (daddy issues), and at last, the Half-man finally brought him down.


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