In the End by Linkin Park

This song here from one of the best albums in history – Hybrid Theory, is my first English song I ever heard and I was in school and that too in 2006 while I was in sixth grade.

Too late (Pfft, about 15 years late!) I know, but yet again, it’s never too late! Because In the end, it doesn’t even matter …..

I was quite reluctant to listen to an English song when all I used to listen to were Hindi and Telugu songs. I didn’t even want to listen! I was happy with just the two languages!

My cousin happened to be playing this on a speaker and I liked the music and the beats and stuff, I understood almost nothing except for ‘In the End’

I somehow got attracted to this track. It took me about three weeks to understand the lyrics and that’s when I had my first WOW moment.

This song is friggin amazing!

Mike Shinoda’s rap all through the song with the empowering chorus and the captivating and keep on a high music in the background, just gets on anybody. No wonder this was one of the best songs of that time and even now.

The lyrics are pretty amazing and cold at the same time. It makes you recollect all the times you failed in life. But not once makes you repent for them!

Wading through all the darkness of this song paves a way to a state of mind where one just doesn’t think about anything else but the song, it’s lyrics and it’s overall effect.

This is one song that has to be on everyone’s playlist and definitely is an evergreen one!


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