On Top of the World

This is the first time I did write something in a flow. With so much of frustration and insanity going on around, sometimes it feels great to let everything go and deal with it. This is one of the times I really feel relieved!


I feel cold
The cold inside of me
Inside of me like a sore lose
A loser who couldn’t win;
I feel lost
Lost like someone
Someone searching for his coin
The coin dropped in a wishing well.

I hate this feeling
The feeling about the world
The world that left me behind;
I want to be a man
The man who never stopped
Never stopped to become the one on top of the world.

I feel wretched
Wretched when I look at myself in a mirror
The mirror without my reflection
Reflection of the one who doesn’t exist;
I feel antipathy
Antipathy to those who look at me
Look at me like I’m a chalk outline
A chalk outline with no corpse.

I didn’t wish to live
Live a person no one cares about
No one cares about the one who never cared
Never cared for himself;
So, I have now decided
Decided to respawn
Respawn a human
A human who lives on top of the world;

On top of the world
World where I am not a chalk outline,
World where I do exist in the mirror,
A world where I am not a missing coin,
A world where I am not a sore loser,
I will live
Live like I’m on top of the world for eternity.


I hope you let me know about this poem, this being my first time too. I would really appreciate it!


16 thoughts on “On Top of the World

    1. Hey! thank you! It happened with a flow. I didn’t realise I wrote this poem until I checkeed my notebook later.
      That was crude, but I modified it before posting!
      I doubt things like these happen every other day.
      I think it seldom happens that you lose yourself while writing so much that you don’t know what’s happening around you and your brain doesn’t interfere!

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  1. A really good start! I loved how many lines started with the ending of the previous ones, like emphasis. The last verse was the perfect ending 🙂 keep writing

    Liked by 1 person

  2. wow.

    Live a person no one cares about

    No one cares about the one who never cared

    Never cared for himself;

    ^^^just wow. those words right there

    i love everything you have written so far! and try not to be nervous about posting your poems (or anything) because they are YOUR words, so even if only one person ends up reading it, or even if no one were to read it, THEY MATTER. just remember that ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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