On Cloud 9! An ODE to you all!

Hello everyone!

The crazy PiezoRadeon is back! (Not that he ever went away … he just happens to love to stay hidden in the darkness, turn around, look at the darkest corner of your surroundings, He may be lurking around!)

Oh boy! Yes I do lurk around ( sometimes like to talk in the third person!) , lurk around those awesome readers of mine who stayed with me and helped me get my first 1000 views! 1000 views in exactly 46 days 8 hours !

I never expected this off you all!

I love you! And this post is an ODE to you all!

I will be sharing with you the posts and blogs which I loved! These are bookmarked in my browser! Phew, didn’t have to search for the links!

I would love to strike off the original authors name and type in mine ! Beware! I may hack your site anytime! Your posts just rock!

  1. This is a post of a doctor. I really doubt it, he seems to be so great at his posts that I wonder how long he spends on wordpress! Well, gotta trust him on that, never do evil by a doctor! Well he happened to write a few posts which were E.P.I.C! I really love the way he fuses medicine with philosophy and personality development. You should check out  Doctormikesblog and the post named Look Down A Trachea And Succeed With A Growth Mindset of his was my favourite!
  2. This is a really touching story about a Grand father which brought me back my memories and took me down a nostalgic path! You should read Tales by grandpa
  3. This is one my favourite blogger here. She wears hats and I wonder how she drinks so much tea and ends up writing this cool blog. I envy her ( Just a reminder, Your blog has the highest risk of being hacked by an unknown entity… Definitely no me, anyone asks; you can say that you know it isn’t me and could be anyone else) She too happens to have started her blog at the same time I did and definitely is going great and I envy her a lot! She writes a bit too good! Well, I present you ( I don’t have to, she does it by herself gracefully) the Tea drinking Quirky Victorian and her blog (Over)Analysing Literature
  4. Hmm, Now I’ve got DomainofShane who tends to be an author, poet and has his own album! Yeah Rock that too! Anyone cooler that him (Other than me, of course)? I doubt! I happened to have loved his poems and my favourite one is Will to Birth You have to check it out! He happens to draw too. I would ask him to draw me ruling the world one day (I wonder when it comes, I happen to like real life portraits, I really wonder if I would rule the world :p)
  5. We’ve got this meme loving person who claims not to be Regina Phalange ( a fictional character of yet another fictional charcter of FRIENDS! Trust me; it’s like Inception of fictional characters!) Her blog is cool; but I couldn’t find a contact form; so I have to notify her. Some people are really secretive! Or I guess this person who owns the blog called The world is not against me just procrastinates to add the contact form.
  6. Sometimes poems brings out emotions in you, and Dead Inside is one of them! Drew, the real life owner of Tattooed book geek who claims to be a thirty(ish) someone really does a great job in doing book stuff, tattooing and playing games!
  7. This is the first post I’ve read since I joined wordpress! Review of Akame ga Kill. It was the time I didn’t know how to like a page, I did it now. Sorry your highness, the Otaku Judge. But, this shall be wedged in my heart forever ( and the bookmarks pane on chrome :p)
  8. Last but not the least, I present you the two bloggers who helped me cross the 1k barrier! I shall be indebted to …. ( I don’t know which one, well, never mind both are really cool!) Here is the blog of Jade M Wong who write and wri………tes ( I apologise, I slept there, yeah, she does write a lot while I tend to dose off in a few moments!) and Perfection has a price from the one that got away .. ( What? no!! Thank you Jade M Wong! I am sleepy now! ). Well that was from the *x* year old sometimes introverted psychology student! (If she’s gonna write a paper on me, I think she’d say I was *Top secret* , well you can ask her that … hurry up! check her’s out!)

Well, these are the guys who made up most of my first 45 days of blogging!

I really hope that we all grow together with better relations and be pen-pals! And always have fun with each of out blogs! ( You need some sweet talk, people wouldn’t doubt you if you ever hack into their blogs)

I have now decided to do this every month! I will from now, post all the stuff I loved here! I really will be looking forward to all of yours stuff! To those, I have left out, I sure will dig out a post of yours from your sites as well! Don’t get scared if you find someone binge reading your blog from India!

And all you guys, You have to check out my bro’s work too. He loves to call himself MiloDiazzo (makes me dizzy everytime I say that name!) He too happens to post on my site! Well, we post here! Together we are crazy insane entities and well, I really doubt without this guy I wouldn’t have gotten the idea of writing short stories and also this guy is the reason I’m improving my language on the go! Thank you Bro!!

Again! Thank you everyone! Love y’all!


14 thoughts on “On Cloud 9! An ODE to you all!

  1. Wow, 1000 views! Great job! By next year, I expect you to have at least a 1,000,000!

    Thanks for the shoutout, and I’m humbled by your comments. I’m looking forward to seeing more great posts and/or flows from you.


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