Recipe to Absolute Humiliating Revenge

Before we are ready to cook up wild thoughts on how to take revenge, you need a motive! So, where do we get a motive? Well, that’s one of the things you don’t have to think about because the motive will come to you!

We don’t want a boring recipe right? I know that! So, I have added an experience of mine so that you can sink in the essence on how to get it done!

Motive and Inspiration

I was in eighth grade ( about eight years ago in 2008) and I remember this experience like it was yesterday (A post sometimes needs cliché dialogs too! Fact is I didn’t remember until my friend reminded me about this a few weeks ago.)

In India, we dedicate a day for teacher’s , just like a father’s day, mother’s day and so one, We have a Teacher’s day in rememberance ….. (Well, history isn’t related here; but if you are so interested, check it out here) On teachers day, there usually were no classes held and everyone could enjoy!

We had a teacher, a physics teacher ( Let’s name him PT) who always abided by the rules and was too damn strict. He took nothing into consideration and every student in the school hated him and he apparently was the appointed physics teacher for my class.

After the first assessment examination, PT came up to our class on Teachers day (we hated him for it now) and then the worst part was that he distributed the answer sheets. I had a friend called SR ( That’s because South Indian names are too damn long!) PT had high expectations of SR and SR apparently couldn’t perform well as he was ill during the exams. PT never considered the fact and swore and cussed and spoke all kinds of obscenities to SR

Poor little SR felt the world slip from under his feet, all hope seemed lost and there was no angel to rescue him ( apparently all the angels were toasting on the eve of Teachers’ Day). So, he turned to the devil.

And that, is where men go crazy and would do anything to seek revenge.

Just like anything you serve, you need ingredients! I’ve just made it all easy for you! I think I should give out a step by step procedure now

First : Lock onto your target ( Literally)

The next day was a Saturday and little SR came to school with a master plan (which he told no body about)

The hapless yet furious SR happened to get a lock and key in his bag. After the school hours were done, he waited until the physics teacher went into the washroom ( He told me later on that he observed the teacher go to the washroom after school hours everyday. He knew it as he himself would go to the washroom after school hours. Just in case he got a pressure during bus) and locked him up from outside.

I guess you know where this is going…

Second : Act a fool

I usually used to be one of the first to reach school everyday and always went to the washroom before I did any other stuff. On monday I went to the washroom ( My class room and the staffroom apparently were on the same floor) and I found it locked. I didn’t know anything about the incident.

I went back to the class pissed off because i couldnt relieve myself. That’s when this guy came up to me worried and blurted out the story. I forgot about all the pressure building up downstairs by the end of his little escapade.

That wasn’t all, He Forgot the keys at home!!!

Now this was madness!

We didn’t know what to do, and slipped the information to the cleaners that the door was locked.

They were confused too. The tried tugging at it and that didn’t work.

Three : Be the Saviour

So, my friend and I got a crowbar and somehow broke the lock. (It wasn’t a crowbar, I lied, it was just a metal rod we found somewhere in the grounds)

Inside the teacher who was sleeping on the floor woke up with a start. He was confused for a moment until his face turned red and he ran, literally ran from the washroom. I can never forget that expression he had on his face!

There was a investigation regarding this matter and find out who would have done such a blasphemy with a teacher! We never said the truth. Coz we could’ve been debarred or something of the sort. Those seven days were a living hell and a mental torture.

A week later, My friend and I were awarded a prize for doing what was necessary at a moment of crisis and excellent presence of mind. Later that year we both won the Best Student Award too!

Well, we were famous all over the school for how cool we were and the cool stuff we did! Well, that’s because no one knew the truth!

Sometimes hiding the truth creates wonders and heroes are the ones who keep the worst secrets to themselves.

But my friend wasn’t satisfied!

Four : Always Strive for more

We went to the school five years later two meet the teachers and seek their blessings for they helped us build our foundations and all the social formalities. We met everyone. But, he gave this Physics teacher an envelope which he asked the teacher to open it sometime later as a present for the Teacher’s day ( This was two days before teachers day, And my friend planned it to be this way! I never knew it until four weeks back when we spoke about this on facebook).

The letter was a reminder to PT to check the year book of 2013 and check out a certain story.

Five : Sit back, relax, Watch the world burn

Guess what, the story was titled Recipe to Absolute Humiliating Revenge. A complete chart of events of the whole story with a fictional teacher and fictional students!

Now, I wonder how the teacher would’ve reacted to the letter. I wonder what would he have done if we were around him when he read the letter. I wonder how humiliating it would’ve been.

I wonder what would happen if some of our juniors conjoined their memory and the story and spread a rumour about him!

This would be the worst kind of revenge a student can take on a teacher! I never could imagine how someone could fathom so much hatred towards someone!

I still feel goosebumps imagining how the story would end, and this is one of those stories I don’t want to know how it ends…

And yes, I definitely am not proud of this incident!

It would be great to know what you think about this incident!


15 thoughts on “Recipe to Absolute Humiliating Revenge

  1. I cannot stop laughing! But the best part was the fact that you guys not only didn’t get in trouble, but were rewarded! This was such an entertaining post. Glad to have gotten such a good laugh while I ate my breakfast. Even though I almost choked and died a few times.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Once when I was teaching 1st grade, I had admonished a child… Not roughly, but maybe I had hurt his self respect… Because after 5 minutes of thinking he mustered courage to come up to me, asked me to bend and told me on my face that he didn’t like it…”aap gandi ho” and went back to his seat. First I was shocked, didn’t know what hit me, as this was not expected behavior, then on retrospection I understood how he must have felt. I forgave him I had to… He was an innocent child voicing his hurt, it was up to me to see that this never happened again and next time onwards if I had to admonish a child I always spoke to the child privately rather than humiliate the child in presence of his peers.


      2. That really is a heart wrenching moment when a kid tells that. And when a kid tells it he/she means it, no hidden or secondary meanings there.
        I really don’t know what to say to that really. But kids definitely are eye openers to many! Even to me 🙂 A life changing experience actually !

        Liked by 2 people

  2. Wow! Idk how to react I kinda support what SR had done but don’t support also. May be I would go pat him while I say,”Very brave,my child! Well done.” And also would regret that the lines probably can spoil him and I shouldn’t have said that. And also regret saying Why not avenge in some other way? That was too much. 😛 Curious to know the reaction of the teacher after he had read the letter.


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