A Weird Story That Could Be Real!

I think it’s time for a little story of a guy who tried to rise from ashes! It would be cool if you’d guess who it is, pretty easy though!

Ever since he was a little kid he dreamt to be a fighter pilot or sail a ship ( Not always, this guy lived in the USA when he was a kid and at one point of his life wanted to be a trash truck driver! Sometimes he still wishes to do so). He applied to join his country’s Air-force/Navy and got selected after a gruelling 7-day interview (He had to be! You know how awesome he is!)

But, then in the medical tests his first dream was shattered (Provided the trash truck doesn’t count); he was declared unfit for flying. Why? because he was taller than required by 2 millimetres (0.2 of a centimeter! even a mosquito is larger than that!) So, no more airforce. trashtruck

Well, he was depressed , but got into navy though. Nothing better than the second place!

After completing his training in the Navy, he wanted to be a Submariner with an additional Diver’s badge! So he trained hard, real hard, pushed himself to his limit. Yet, it turned out, the limit was lower than he expected it to be. He broke his leg. (Oh well, shit happens!) Four months later gets another leg fractured (Two on the same leg!) and just when things were getting back on track, Bingo! two fractures at once!

All these fractures forced him to leave the navy deeming him unfit on suspected low bone density and hence unfit to cope up with the training!

He lost his legs (temporarily), his job and career ( for a long time; may be trash truck seemed promising) and his dream (permanently). Everywhere he looked he found negativity , and he was depressed.

He was squandering with self pity, and loathing. He hated it when his dad had to answer relatives and friends about his son who couldn’t stay there. The kind of relatives who’d get a tub of popcorn and a pitcher of coke and listen to the story!

Well nevermind, he thought. Maybe he could pursue engineering in a Nationally acclaimed university. And then he got beautiful news! He is ineligible for that college as he is too old for it! (Yes, colleges in India have an age limit to apply for the college) What’s the fun where the hero doesn’t face any obstacles! (That’s when he realised that movie directors are pathetic in capturing how the hero feels when there’s no way out except punching his way out of a stone wall)

He swore to severe all human contact and wanted to jump. (He never decided where to jump from though, always ranged from his bed to jumping from a sky-scraper)

Being jobless and aimless inspires a lot of pointless walking around.One day, wondering whether he could be in so deep shit that he would eventually discover Shit-opolis (The lost city of shit which drowned into shit under the weight of it’s own shit) that a kid happened to catch his eye.

This kid was about five or six years old helping his parents (I am assuming they were his parents). Kids do help their parents usually, but that’s not a big deal. But, Actually, it was a big deal because

1. The dad seemed to be blind and

2.The mother didn’t have her arms.

It was too much his eyes could take, he felt chills down his spine and he started sweating until he realised something he never did, or wouldn’t have under usual circumstances.

He didn’t have any problems anywhere comparable to what that kid had! “The poor little child, with apparently no source of income and with handicapped parents is soldiering to survive, I can too!”, he thought. He was twenty and not anywhere near kicking the bucket and has a whole life to look forward to!

He said to himself, “Hell with this fucked up state, no one’s gonna help me? Doesn’t matter, I’ve got myself! I shall climb to the Top of the World !”

And he started working hard, so what if he isn’t eligible for one of the best colleges in the country? What matters is if he can show those ‘have it all’ people out there that he mattered!

What changed inside him? Just a switch that went flick! He happened to see everything through a whole new perspective!

Its about what you choose.

You choose positive thoughts over the negative ones, be happy when others try to make you look/ feel miserable! That is the whole point of life!

He still has episodes of frustration about life and all for a few hours, he gets over them in a while, rather he forces himself to get over it.

He lost four years of his life while his friends and acquaintances are looking for jobs; while he is writing entrance exams to get into college now! (Yeah, he joined navy after 12th.)

Well, that’s life people; deal with it! You feel pleasure when you succeed. Where’s the fun when you always succeed with no ups and downs.

He accepted a mantra  “THIS TOO SHALL PASS” which works always. When you are sad, you know that good times are just around the corner. If there are good times, it reminds me not to go overboard with success but be ready to fall anytime, always stay down to earth!11109

Now, he can’t run long distances, but when he attempts to run as much as he can (before the pain in his tibia sets in), he feels the happiest man on earth! He even is trying to run for a 10k run in his city this Oct-Nov. He can run upto 5 km as of now, it sure will be difficult to achieve the 10k mark, well that’s where the fun lies in!

He will be finishing his entrance tests by the first week of may!

Come November he shall remember the bad phase (He made is feel bad by his own choice, well he wasn’t enlightened by the kid then) and laugh over it and be proud of himself of how much he improved by choosing a positive attitude over a negative one!

Summing up he would tell you that, “You don’t have all the problems in the world! There is someone out there with worse issues that yours and is coping up better than yourself! If things don’t work out, you make them work- A car doesn’t drive on it’s own with you feeling morose that your car isn’t driving, it’s you who has to drive it!

I really do appreciate you reading through all this gruelling rambling, even my granny doesn’t ramble this much! I just felt like writing this, and don’t worry, I’ve got a few crazy posts ahead! This crazy insane person who embarrasses himself everywhere has gone nowhere. He is right here thinking for which crazy stuff he could write about!

I would like to know how you felt after reading this! Thank you!

^^ Let me reveal a secret I haven’t told anybody but I wish to let everyone know … All these pics you see in this post… I got them from google 🙂




27 thoughts on “A Weird Story That Could Be Real!

  1. After reading this story that could be real, I just may have gained a lot more respect for this guy and I hope that he gets to his goals because he really deserves it and is as awesome as you can get.
    Also, I am shocked that you used pics from google. Who even does that. I don’t know if I can read your posts any more.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Hahaha, he does deserve it ….
      Well, as the title says, that could’ve been part of the story too! :p
      Brainwave! you can close your eyes when you see the pics! *victory dance!*


  2. Woah!! This is really inspiring. Its not often that one finds the courage and determination to overcome situations like this. All the best to the awesome guy for his coming entrance exams!! (I really hated those!)
    PS:Really loved that shit-opolis part!!👏😂(been there!)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Your friend must be pretty good too!
        I donno if it’s weird,but I just can’t stop reading this one,you know. I have always wanted to be in the army from as long as I could remember, but couldn’t. And now here I am,doing engineering. But even if I can’t join the forces,I hope one day I’ll be able to make ships for the Navy! (Am a naval architecture student) 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Whoaa! You wanna join army! That’s just so cool!
        I really wish you make up your mind to get into army!
        And naval architecture is also cool! Naval ships are freaking awesome!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Its not that I changed my mind. Am not physically apt for it. For one thing, am tiny,though I have height. I could’ve maybe ate like a pig n gained weight or something (quite unlikely though). But it was in my class 12 that I got short sight. So that put an end to my army dreams and was pretty much left wondering what to do,and ended up with naval architecture. I still have goosebumps every time I hear about the army!! Though it’s not the same, I’m totally in love with ships now. I have visited a couple of naval ships as part of my Internship, and they are just marvelous!!
        PS: sorry for blabbering so much!!

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Ouch, that really hurts!
        I would like to talk to you about that … Didn’t find a contact box on your site, hence If you could drop in an email on my contact form it’d be great!
        I could tell you all about my experiences there!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes , so true… Now that I think it back, I really recollect all the stuff during the training, and sometimes feel like I’ve been an ass! Once a naval guy, always a naval guy! And hence, you see, my interest in submarines!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, you signed up knowing that fact though! But the best part is you would’ve seen so much and experienced so much that no one in your vicinity would’ve experienced! All those merry moments with the comrades and stuff!
        Well, I really would appreciate it if we could be in contact by email! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Very inspired indeed; this was a great read.
        I’ve actually gone through it a few times, picking out my favourite lines…”He still has episodes of frustration about life and all for a few hours, he gets over them in a while, rather he forces himself to get over it.”
        “He didn’t have any problems anywhere comparable to what that kid had!” I am aware that I am not a he, but a she. I have a had possibly the hardest last 12 months of my life, but I am currently trying to motivate myself to move forward and consider the difficulties that many other people in this world have and they themselves overcome them.
        I have moments, days, when I could just lay in bed and let the sad/bad things that have gone on roll through my head…most days though I keep my brave face on and power through. I am yet to write about these persona sadness’ in my own blog, maybe I need to because I know the words’ of others can be a great help.
        l Thank you for writing this, thank you for motivating me today. (sorry for rambling)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That wasn’t rambling actually! Talking about stuff actually makes us feel better and this post is aimed to make people feel better! So it’s all welcome here!
        Well being a SHE doesn’t mean that you don’t have issues, just a different kind!
        You know what, I actually felt better after writing all this! I felt relieved getting this off my chest and I think you would too if you wrote it! Plus ,yes it would even serve as an inspiration to others as well.
        Yes, I too have days where I feel terrible, but yes. I kept a poster in my cupboard (a self made one) reminding me that feeling terrible is a bad choice and worrying doesn’t help! That does lift up my spirits sometimes. I think it may help you too. Making posters and keeping them in places where you frequent… Helped me, I hope it helps you too!

        Liked by 1 person

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