Badass Of The Week: The Hound

Game of Thrones has quite the roster of characters, some naive, some clever and some just plain brutal. Today, let’s talk about Sandor Clegane, better known as The Hound.

A Forbidding Exterior

When the hound first entered the show with his custom badass helmet, giving everyone Sandor_1x01the evil eye, you knew that he was not to be messed with. Add to that the fact that he brutally hunted down little Mycah(Arya’s short lived sparring partner), his first impression was of a cruel and cold killer. However, later on we see him saving Ser Loras from certain death at the hands of his brother Gregor Clegane (The Mountain), we see a glimmer of a good guy in him. He may be a ruthless killer, but maybe, just maybe, he’s a bit of a good guy.

A Splendid ‘Grey’ Character

I love GoT’s characters because of the range and variety they present, and in Gregor Clegane we see a well crafted ‘grey’ character. He earned the nickname “Hound” because of his brutality and his obedience to his master’s orders. But, in fact, what appears to be brutality is but a fatalistic point of view of life, and he’s not a yes man, often doing things as he sees fit.

A Monster Of A Brother

Gregor faced the sadism and cruelty of his bigger brother at an early age. For a piddly reason he got half of his face burnt off by the Mountain. He absolutely despises his brother, and when he got knighted for his barbarian acts, the Hound simply gave up on the world. He understood something, something which took us a few seasons to get:Everyone can be killed, and all people like killing. He hates those knights and warriors who pretend otherwise. There are no happy endings, just a cold and painful death.

Kindness Inspired By Cruelty

He hates his brothers guts, hates the fact that he is famed as a one man killing machine. Maybe that’s what drives him to do acts of, well, not exactly kindness, but good things. At King’s Landing he often protected Sansa Stark from Joffery(indirectly) even offering to help her escape King’s Landing.Sansa-Stark-Sandor-Clegane

Later, he picks up Arya Stark, intending to ransom her off to her relatives(futile, futile). They become travelling companions, having adventures and what not(Arguably some of the best parts of the show).

A Cruel Fate, An Unknown End

Finally, the Hound and Arya reach the Eyrie to contact her aunt Lysa. The hound was underfed, suffering from the infected bite on his neck and what not, and yet he was able to give Brienne of Tarth the fight of her life. He fell down a cliff, had his leg broken and thus, begged Arya to kill him. However she didn’t(couldn’t, wouldn’t) and was left there to die.


Although he was in a very bad state, we haven’t witnessed him die. Given his wounds, it would take him half a day or more to actually kick the bucket, and if the Mountain can get a second chance, then so can he.



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