Beware! Girl in the elevator

Embarrassment begins with me! And I the shameless PiezoRadeon shamelessly love to share another embarrassing story of mine!

I was in a mall the today and saw a girl and for once actually wanted to approach her. I never do that, I usually am not that kind of a guy, but I don’t know how or why, but I wanted to.

I was so busy checking her out from a respectable distance far ( completely inconspicuous and definitely not in a creepy way, or that’s what I keep telling myself myself), that I  ended up on an escalator realising I was on it halfway through ( He’ll that’swhy you don’t multitask!)

She had been talking on her phone for a while and I saw that she was moving towards the elevator. Now I was on the fourth floor and she was on the third.

I got ideas in my head. Fireworks burst in my mind. Bruno Mars started singing Grenade (What ? Why Grenade! That isn’t the kind of situation here!); Well, Justin Timberlake rescued me with awesome song My Love!

 I ran to the elevator got in, made a fuss while I forced myself in and pushed a kid out telling that its important I be alone in the elevator and said, ” I would save your life sometime in the future if you get out of this elevator!” ( I wish I said that! )

She entered the elevator, luckily alone, looked at me and smiled! I was ecstatic. She then tells into the phone,” There’s a cool sexy guy in the lift, talk later.”

I was stunned. I was frozen! The scene in the movies when a band of violinists play their violin all around; it starts to rain and I am dancing around with this girl!

She then looks at me and clears her throat getting me back to reality. She then said,” Umm, sorry there was this guy was on the phone and wanted to get off the call! I’m sorry to use you.”

The elevator stopped in the ground floor and she lest smiling – The evil smile, She was evil, pure evil, satanic.

I was stoned, I didn’t know what to do! Was it a compliment? Or not? Did she mean that? or Was she covering up for a slip of tongue? (If she were covering up, she should’ve winked! I’m going overboard I guess)

Hell, I was embarrassed. I then left the elevator and was searching a place to bury my head like an ostrich when my friends found me. I blurted out the story and well. Uproar!

After a tiring day of being the laughing stock I return home, We live in an apartment and what do I see? That same girl entering the apartment! Well she saw me first, so I couldn’t hide.

She stays in the same apartment complex! Both of us were now embarrassed!

She smiled again and ran up the stairs, the elevator was on the ground floor. Well, I get it, why no elevator. I grin, shrug off the incident!

Well, now I feel an awkward start can be something good and hope something nice happens! I feel so scared to ask her out though.

All the best to me! *winks to the mental image of that girl*



40 thoughts on “Beware! Girl in the elevator

  1. Aw this is so sweet and genuine. I really hope something can come out of this…if not at least a really cool friendship!! 🙂

    (You tell a story so wonderfully by the way, i felt like you were sitting right next to me talking, not a whole continent -or two- away!)


  2. Even though I don’t properly know either of you, I think you guy will make a cute couple.
    When you guys get married, I’ll be here saying’I told you so’

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    1. I don’t know about you, but theworldisprettymuchagainstme for she already is in a relationship …
      And seems like theworldisagainstyou too! You won’t be able to say,”I told you so”
      Well, we’re friends though now. But technically speaking friendship is a relationship right? :p

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      1. Nice wordplay, my friend.
        You never know. This is how every romantic movie begins.
        Also, if you ever need someone to finish of the wedding cake, I’ve got someone who can do it.

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  3. I’m laughing way too hard. First of all, brilliant storytelling as always, and second of all, this sounds like something right out of a romantic comedy—I mean, I don’t actually watch romantic comedies, but since the above situation was both comedic and oddly romantic, I’m supposing it’s the kind of thing that happens in romantic comedies. Anyway, I have a request: when the two of you get married, be sure to write a long post telling all the funny stories from the wedding. I’ll be watching for that post. Don’t let me down.

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  4. Lol!!😂😂 this reminds me a lot about my guy friends that check out girls like anything and makes up all these scenarios in their mind, only to end up embarrassed, one way or the other!!

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  5. Aw young love! What a genuine story and reminds me of when I met Kari (my girlfriend) several years ago. Live in the moment, it’s a great feeling. Whatever comes out of this relationship, I’m sure it’ll be a great story to tell in the future. Good luck! (the worst that can happen is that she’ll say no)

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  6. Ohhhh maaannn!! I was just about to say “Go for it!” Then I read your last comment!
    I wonder who she was trying to get rid of on the phone in the elevator then… telling that person she had seem someone cute..???
    Anyway, always nice to make new friends though 😉

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  7. woah! If this was true, it was hilarious! But you lucky guy got a filmy heady start! Go on, before its too late…. *winks*
    ❤ Great luck!

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