The Laziest thing I’ve ever done!

Hey guys! I always wanted to tell everyone about this!

The laziest thing ‘ve ever done is my life is …







I feel so relieved now!

Folks, I really hope you all never get this lazy to do anything! Please! Laziness isn’t good for health!

I now brace myself from the wrath of the readers! to atone for this lazy prank (I assure you, the next post wouldn’t be so…) Please don’t conspire to punch me in the face, coz you have no clue what I could do to you! … Probably I’d sleep because I’m too lazy to take revenge ….





10 thoughts on “The Laziest thing I’ve ever done!

      1. Lol I’m really lazy when it comes to reading. It takes me ages to finish a book. I’m not an avid reader. Even here on WordPress I just skim through most of the posts. But yeah I read yours 😛

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    1. That’s called love! Not hate!
      It’s fury, when you found out how lazy I was! It’s the fury born out of LOVE!
      Listening to a song whose lyrics are, “Don’t cry for your love, Cry tears of joy …. blah blah ” *victory dance! Someone’s in love with me!*


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