Cold Steel [ep 3]

The Airport was a bit far off from the humanitarian base, isolated from the rest of the buildings, making it easier to defend against attacks. The place was guarded not only by private mercs hired by the shipping companies, but also by their clients. Attacking or raiding shipping ops was a big taboo around here. Mess with one, you mess with them all.
Jack walked by the concrete set road which led up to the main building itself. On both sides of the road, Autoturrets were set up, their radars pointing at various patches of the sky. They were not for Anti-Air action, but were Missile Counter-Measures. Any missile entering the airspace above or near the Humanitarian Base was shot down immediately. Any aerodrone  would be shot down too, so you had to keep them low, out of the turrets LOS(Line of Sight). Soon, he reached upon the first checkpoint, about 300 meters from the front gate. Here, your weapons would be effectively locked-firing pins removed, safety fuses dismantled, explosives confiscated. You could get them fixed on the way out. However, he knew the guard who worked the gate. Before he worked full-time security, Jack had saved his ass from a landmine once.

But today something was up. There was none of the usual hustle-bustle, and the guards had their weapons out and scanners on max. “What happened?” asked Jack. The guard shrugged.

“An hour ago, a few explosions were triggered at the gate checkpoint inside. The security AI got smashed, and 4 guys marched in with a party of 30 droids. They were apparently hiding it out in a shipping container. They tried to take over the airport, but it’s been quite for the last few hours or so.”

“Droids? What about EMP?”

“Yeah, a few blasts took out all their bots. So now we just got 4 idiots with fried Electrics and 30 short-circuiting scraps. They’re holed up inside the arrivals hall.” Jack grimaced.

“Fitch will probably box them in, let them rot. Use another place for arrivals.”

“Damn man, I got a something to do there. You know what, tell Fitch that I’ll help.”

“You sure? You know how he is, he’ll send you in dry”

“I’ll take care of myself”

“That’s true.”, he smiled. “I’ll radio in ahead, he’ll want you at the entrance of the arrivals section.” He turned and waved his hand at the camera. The wire-mesh gate creaked open.

“Hey man,” he said, offering his hand as Jack passed by, “give em hell.”

Jack shook it “And then some”. He turned and walked towards the main building.


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