Cold Steel [ep 4]

Fitch lived in a tough world, but had proved that he was indeed tougher. He was in charge of security at HBAB(Humanitarian Base Air Base), making him a big target, and yet, he was still alive, which was quite something. Didn’t make him any less of a prick though.

Jack arrived at the arrivals hall entry gate. The blast door had been lowered, presumably sealing the hostile force inside.. Beside the door, a group of guards were hanging about, talking and smoking, rifles out. Most probably the QRT(Quick Reaction Team). And, towards the wall near a desk was a lone guy, looking at camera feeds. Most definitely Fitch. Jack decided to go and say hello.

“Strange,” remarked Fitch, without turning “for a hired gun to have such a clean background.” He then turned around and looked him over with his beady eyes, top to bottom. “Or maybe you stink so bad that nobody can even smell it.”

Jack offered his hand “You didn’t make any sense right there”

Fitch let it hang. “Neither do you. Why do you want to help me out? Goodness of your heart?”

Jack shrugged,”I just like the atmosphere there. Conducive to my health”


“Just tell me what you know, and let’s get this over with.”

Fitch continued to stare at him. The QRT group went silent. Then he motioned to the camera feed on the desk. It showed the arrivals hall, with dead bots scattered here and there.

“We know that they have little training, but fairly good equipment. They haven’t shifted the bots, so expect booby traps. As you know, the hall is shaped like a giant hexagon, with smaller hexes in between. Each hex services a different launchpad, but since the hall is sealed, there is no access to anywhere through the hex. We saw two of them going and setting shop at the East gate, while one of them is covering the west gate. They destroyed all visible cameras, so we don’t have eyes on. Our EMP’s have fried most of their tech, but their local comms seem to be working.”

Jack scratched his chin.”Can you get me above floor level?”

Fitch looked at him sideways “We have a maintenance   access to the upper lighting levels. It’s locked down tight, but we’ll open it for you. Mask the sound of the door by a fly-by.”


“So what’s your price?”

“I get their gear”

“Not happening”

“Only the armor and the explosives”


Jack thought over the info. “Wait. Where’s the fourth one?”

Fitch smiled. Rather, his lips twitched upwards while the rest of the face seemed to grimace at him. He changed the feed. It now showed a lone guy standing at a window, his gun propped against the wall.

“What the hell is he doing?”

“Taking in the view. I don’t know. You have 15 minutes till the flyby.” Once again he turned and stared at Jack, as if looking for something.

“What? Say it already.”

“You break it, you pay for it”

Piss off”

“And if you die, we will gas the entire hall, AND we get all your gear. The service entrance is on the third floor. One of these guys will lead you there. Now get out of my face”


6 thoughts on “Cold Steel [ep 4]

  1. Good read! You know your military stuff, or at least that’s what it seems like. I’d recommend a little proofreading though. Other than that, it was great!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading! The main purpose of this series is to have some heads on experience in writing, and to have feedback from readers. Could you please tell me in more detail where I have tripped up?


      1. You’re welcome!
        The only issues I saw were relating to punctuation. When people would talk, there wasn’t punctuation where there should’ve been. For example:

        Jack offered his hand “You didn’t make…”

        There should be a comma or a period after the word “hand”. Also, when someone finishes speaking, you need to add punctuation within the quotation marks.

        “…Conducive to my health”

        These should all have periods at the end of the sentence, within the quotation marks.

        This is definitely easy stuff to fix! Good luck with your writing endeavors!

        Liked by 1 person

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