Cold Steel [ep 4.1]



SUBJECT: Info on subject Jack, no last name.

Name: UNCONFIRMED, goes by alias JACK.

Origin:  N/A.

Age: Appears to be around 28 or 30 years of age, standard sol age.

History: No concrete records exist about the subject. There are no records of him entering or exiting the planet at any point of time, officially or unofficially. There is no record of him being associated with any group or organisation, nor does he seem to be based out of any city. Subject seems to be just a travelling merc. We have matching hits which indicates that the subject may be part of the special ops group which arrived after the first stages of terraforming, but the evidence is too circumstantial.

Appearance:  6ft 2, a fit individual, has a scar running from his shoulder to his left elbow. No evidence of facial altering surgery.

General Behavior: Prefers recce and intel ops. No known civilian casualties. No known altercations with any client.

Gear: Standard gear you would find on a good merc. Plated armor modified for ventilation and attachment of storage pouches. Also, uses servo gear based kinetic dampening boots, enabling him to land from upto a height of 10 meters without suffering from from shock or damage.


  1. The guy is like a ghost. No recorded injuries, no interest in money or power. Popular among clients for a job well done.
  2. No know affiliations, although has a number of acquaintances.
  3. Known proficiency with a wide range of weapons.

In short, this guys is clean as a penny gone through an acid bath. If he says he’ll help, then no need to doubt him.

[end report]



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