What goes Around; Comes around* #Conditions apply

Hello, everyone!
Piezoradeon apologises for not being active on his blog for a while. He was quite busy with his exams and the results! He’s apparently officially free and jobless now!
He thinks this comeback post may help as an appetizer as to what’s going to come!

 Once upon a time, long long ago (yesterday) there lived a 20-year-old guy who loved to exaggerate stuff. And says stuff that sometimes makes no sense ( it actually does, or so he claims to be so).

So this guy who calls himself Piezoradeon. Oh! Damn! He felt that writing about himself in the third person seems weird ; So I rather think I should write it in the first person. (To tell the truth, I just wanted to use the strike-through, Never used it before, just needed a pretense)

Well, yesterday I had to travel from my grandparents’ place to an ultra secret and amazing place that does not go by the name Home. I decided to travel by the city bus (Well, there was nothing to decide, I always travel by the city bus.)

The bus was pretty full, and I was standing (To those who don’t know about the crowds in Indian buses, let me give a small insight. They are pretty crowded, people have to stand during non-rush hours as well as all the seats tend to be occupied. If you are a bit short, you can indulge in the aroma of the armpits of taller people around you. Well, just so you

Sometimes during rush hours! Happens even in larger buses!

know I always keep spray deodorant. I don’t like the wafting smell of sweaty rotten dead cells seeping through the shirts. I just get goosebumps thinking about it)


Well, don’t be worried that was an exaggeration ( Hmmmm…. Or was it exaggeration?)

Anyways, the bus was moderately crowded and I was standing for about ten minutes (my journey was supposed to be about 90 minutes) when some guy got up from his seat and I was about to sit in it when I saw an elderly person climb in. Now, well I gave up the seat for him.

He thanked me and gratefully took the seat. He seemed in his late sixties or maybe early seventies. He was pretty well dressed, seemed a bit posh. Carried himself with great vigour and was active! Surprisingly active!

He started a conversation about how when he was young he used to travel by bus when he newly started his business in search of clients in Visakhapatnam (A coastal city in India) and that he was travelling by bus after so many years and so on.

Well, I don’t know why, I being an introvert and usually don’t talk to strangers, but I did and was enjoying it. He got a phone call and said that he had to get down but wanted my help to get down.

Well, at the next stop I helped him get down and helped him sit down on a bench near the bus stop.

The bus left and well, I was cursing myself to have helped him and miss the bus. He then said, “I’m sorry you missed the bus. But, if you want, I can drop you.”

What? Are you nuts? Or am I nuts? You just travelled by bus and how will you drop me!

That’s when, to my shock. I saw a Jaguar XJ( the featured pic!) rumble right in front of the bench and the old man opened the door and invited me in.

Now if there are any kids reading this  Remember: Never ever go anywhere with a stranger. Even if the stranger lures you in with a candy or a Jaguar or a Bugatti. Never ever go!

A jaguar ? here? Hmm .. do I get in?


Well, all that went to the drain and I got in. Five minutes passed and I was like What? Why am I here! Oh damn! Well, this man seemed legit. What if he wasn’t legit and a kidna ….. Well, I could bash him up and crack the window and get out! Oh, wait… I can NOT ruin the window of this car …. I was in a fix… I couldn’t harm the car and I can’t escape without harming the car!!

What would you guys have done here? Just wanna know

I happened to travel in the Jaguar XJ and the old man started explaining that he was from a rich family and started a company regarding agriculture without using his fathers’ money just for the sake of experience and now it is a company with a turnover in millions!

He said that he got into the bus just to remember the difficult days and to revive all the nostalgic moments. He apparently had to get down because his driver was afraid that his sons would shout at the driver for letting him travel by bus! This may seem weird, but yes the old man and the driver talk to each other like close friends!

Well, this isn’t much but for one who owns a humble Honda Amaze riding a Jaguar is a big thing! That too just for offering an older person a seat.

I also was treated with some red wine and beer (which I refused as I’m not much of a drinker) I took the cola, though. Well, even drinking a cola in a Jag has a different feeling!

I was enthralled!

He dropped me at my place, an apartment which he could apparently buy that instant if he wanted to. Well, he didn’t buy it, phew!

I was so ecstatic that now I forgot his name and his company!

It really is true! What goes around, comes around provided you do good to special people, sometimes you get screwed for helping too (Hmm … remind me of a story which I’ll post in the near future!)

Until then Happy reading!

Also, do let me know if you had any such cool and unexpected experiences!

Okay .. the pics are from google and the featured is taken from the official jaguar site! I just loved the pic!


26 thoughts on “What goes Around; Comes around* #Conditions apply

  1. Oh man! I would never have gotten into a stranger’s car! Be it Jaguar or RollsRoyce. My fantasies go too far.. ;)c
    The time you missed here, you missed some of my articles, do check them out (*sigh* the Blogger ME) Anyways do tell me how you scored! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha …. Well I wouldn’t (in fantasies) but in reality .. I’m completely surprised on what I did!
      Oh yeah sure! I will (*double sigh* the blogger in you)
      But u know .. would’ve missed selfies with the car … (I’m a bastard who keeps these kinda details in mind)
      Yeah I will … :p

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I probably would have jumped in…maybe…ooooh I’m not sure…you never know until you’re right there in the moment. I like to think that at my age I should be able to judge character well enough and if the guy seemed genuinely kind, and you had helped him, then why wouldn’t you accept his offer of a lift?
    I can hear my mother in my ear…”so naive Joanna!”
    Well, you kindly helped an elderly man, you had a ride in a jag and you are safe and sound! Super!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You should in future write Bus Diaries coz you have unique experiences there and what makes us more interested towards it is your way of carving those minute details to something which everybody could relate to..
    Awesome Piezoradeon( what does it stand for?just curious)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha .. bus diaries .. seems like a great idea!
      And well PiezoRadeon .. hmm … Please don’t throw shoes at me for this .. But Piezo comes from piezoelectricity .. I mean pulsating lumps of energy .. And Radeon .. Micro-atpmic lumps of energy/matter .. So u can say it is Pulsating energy?

      [Target Acquired] + Missiles Launched+ boom ….
      *uncanny silence* :v

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m thinking that you are thinking that you shouldn’t have thought of what I was thinking while naming my userid I thought should be named the way I thought it was supposed to be!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. The thought which you thought was absolutely the right thought coz India is a democratic country where everybody has their own right to think( and thinking about what I am writing, I exactly don’t know where it is heading)

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Well, I was just kidding!!
        You have a very good sense of humor with a tinge of creative writing which makes your blog likable by others, it’s a stress buster for me I could say that.. Thanks for such wonderful post and do remember the Bus Diaries wala part.. See you around, Happy Blogging!!

        P.S. I really liked the name Piezoradeon it suites you!!

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Hahaha … I know u were kidding … remember? m crazy for laughs … almost nothing u say may make me frown …
        and also by that even I don’t know where these comments are headed .. They’re just plain fun :p
        And yes, bus diaries .. When something else happens .. You’re gonna find the name!

        Liked by 1 person

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