Cold Steel [ep 5]

3 minutes till fly-by.

Jack went over his equipment. Power levels green, ECM’s (Electronic Counter-Measures) up and running. He checked chamber in his rifle, and checked the magazine feed. 2 hollow-points followed by an AP (Armor-penetrating).

“You wanna know a fun fact?”, he asked the QRT guy, who was standing by the access panel next to the blast door. He had been really quiet the whole time, playing on his wrist display. He glanced up at Jack, and back.

Jack assumed that he did want to hear a fun fact. “You know about these hollow points, yeah? These days they are used with weapon mods to apply ‘enhancements’to your shots. However, a long time ago, they were used without mods.” QRT guy tapped away at his wrist display.

“These hollow points are pretty deadly on unarmored targets, giving a lot of shock to your organs and stuff. But, they can’t penetrate for shit.” He stopped tapping for a few seconds, and then began swiping furiously.

“So, there came a time when everyone and his cousin had body armor. Now they had a shit-load of bullets that were pretty useless, yeah? But then, came the magic,” Jack snapped his fingers,” of mods!”

“Hollow points have a good retention value when it comes at modding. It didn’t matter whether they penetrated armor or not, as long as they carried the magic. And plus, they had a lot of these bullets.”

QRT guy pulled out a memory spool and attached it to his suit, apparently dumping data to it.

“Of-course, now-a-days we have high-tech munitions of all flavors, but if you want to do it cheap, hollow point is your thing.”

He pulled out the spool, looked at Jack, and said, “Fly-by in 20 seconds. This will grant you access to our security systems, for half an hour.” He handed him the spool. The building began to rumble. “10 seconds to fly-by. Get ready, fly-by will last for 15 seconds.” He stood in front of the console. “And I hope you don’t talk so much when you’re inside. They’ll hear you coming a mile away.”


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    1. Yeah man, as Piezo said. I don’t post much yet because right now where I’m at, computers aren’t pretty accessible. I’m gonna get home soon though, so you will see me posting more often!

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