The Other Side

He cracked his shell
The surprised mother yelped
Out came a tiny beak followed by a bundle of feathers
The first of the three, she preened him with ecstasy 

An overjoyed dad went for a hunt
Brought back a delicacy for the little ones
The little bird loved his meal
for it was a worm from the other side of the hill

Ever since, he looked towards the hill
He dreamt to fly across the hill
He hoped his wings grow so he could fly
Fly to the other side of the hill

He was loved and cared for
His brothers and him awaited the day
the day they would fly
fly to the other side of the hill

And fly they did
They flew as much as they wanted, but
but mama said, “until you grow up
No flying across the hill.”

The little ones chirped and flew all day
flew in bliss, feeling the wind under their little wings
They saw men looking at them from below
A moment later all they heard was a bang

He fell from the sky
On the ground paralyzed in pain
A wing no more
It was evening, and no, the man couldn’t find him

Mama, picked up the broken one
Brought him to the nest
Everyone wept, wept till their eyes ran dry
And all he could dream was the worm on the other side

All he hoped was to fly
hoped to pull out the worm with his beak
but, he could’nt fly ever again
A few nights later, he silently hopped out of the nest and walked

He walked towards the hill during the day
And hid in the bushes at night
Finally he walked over the hill
And across a river were the worms he dreamt

He cried, for he couldn’t fly across the river
He was so close, yet so far
He wanted the worms more than ever!
An urge, a hope to achieve his dream

A fire burnt inside him,
He would do anything to get to the worm
He knew what he had to do!
Come morning, he spread his wings and took a leap of faith

A lazy cat saw a bird fall into the river
Sad, he couldn’t get his paws over it,
For the bird drown in the river of his dreams
For all the hope in the world wouldn’t save him anymore
Hope, was what he clung to , Hope was what took his life …..
The other side, he never could fly to …

This is a sister post to my other post – A Weird Story That Could Be Real , sort of metaphorical if you’ve read the other post! It’d be cool if you could! I’d appreciate that!I bet you’d do to!! :p





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