I’m Not Sure …

Every day I wake up wanting what I can’t have
It makes my insides twist and turn among themselves
Realising that what I want is what I don’t need
But is the what I need something I desire?

These thoughts keep running through my head like a background noise
Invigorating the hidden desires that I never knew existed
I’m looking at myself from a new perspective now
Like tuning the broken strings of my desires

I now desire to desire less
Too much doesn’t lead to much good maybe
But anything not too much just isn’t enough
I’m not sure if I really know what I desire

This is another poem written by me in collaboration with Ishi from Heart in Pages.

One of my first Collaborations… Okay .. My first!!! I’m not sure… should I be pleased about doing collabs when I’m pretty new to the Poetry-verse The universe parallel to that of ours where people who aren’t poets are discriminated against) or to squander in self-pity for not trying to build up myself without any external support?

Oh and before I go, it was just a pun about discriminating non-poets, I recently was diagnosed with exagerrationosis which is a disease with symptoms of an acute excessive exaggeration! My friends these days say that I’d for sure be selected for a Hindi Soap!

And well, with the mandatory rant after every poem, I sign off abruptly because I just realised I’ve got a lot of homework pending !

So until then Good Bye! See you around !!


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