One Last Time!!

Hey there everyone!

I will have to say that I liked all the time I was here, and now I decided to bring this blog to a halt.
I don’t feel like revisiting this place where I was so erratic and lazy and where I procrastinated everything.

But well, I havent given up on myself, and definitely not on blogg.

With renewed zeal and enthusiasm I started a second blog of mine which I plan to keep it moderated and keep it focused.

I will transfer all the short stories and Poems from here to that in a short while (or when the writiers block hits me)

I will continue writing at the OBSESSED THINKER blog where I aim to write one post everyday with everyday learnings and thoughts and ideas!

I hope this endaevour of mine is successful and I do hope to find you amazing guys there and help me out with writing and enriching all writing for the better !!

So here’s the link!

I wish to see you all there!

Until tomorrow where my third post is going to be out, I shall wait up!!

Thank you in advance!!


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