About me, myself and me !!


I am Kushal Gorti….DSCN8870

…. And I am not from Troy University (If you actually read what’s on my shirt in the pic).

I’m 20, and am confused whether I should go for aerospace engineering or marine engineering! Both are equally appealing!

I started to like writing stuff and here I am writing short stories, poems, reviews and I am planning to write some flash fiction too!

Now it’s time for the fun stuff!

I am either in front of my computer doing productive stuff, or I am not.

Every night I have these weird dreams of my fridge taking revenge on me by opening the door, staring at me from head to toe and goes back just to do it an irritating number of times which at some point becomes a nightmare.

I am a hardcore bathroom singer and prefer to stay underground.

I never thought I had such an exciting life, before I heard what people talk about me.

I may conclude that, everyone who knows me can be divided into two groups: those who love me and those who still don’t know me.


28 thoughts on “About me, myself and me !!

  1. Wow, your blog is amazing. I guess I come under the category of those who don’t know you but I have a feeling that I will soon be transferred to the other category. Anyway, I’m gonna follow.

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  2. Hello Kushal, couldn’t help noticing the photograph, clicked at the Taj Aguada Fort Goa. Nice to come across you here, hope to read some good stuff. I am Savio btw from Goa. Do pop over my blog when time permits.
    Have a great time! Cheers!

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    1. Yup sure! I was pretty surprised on how you got to know it was Aguada, many people asked me if it was Chapora fort!
      I got to know it was a Taj Aguada from you. And nw that I realise there was a Taj nearby!
      And yes, I will!


  3. Just started following you and I’m loving the reads so far!
    Love how your page is set out too! I may have to hit you up for advice! I am not at all in the know when it comes to technology!

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