One Last Time!!

Hey there everyone! I will have to say that I liked all the time I was here, and now I decided to bring this blog to a halt. I don't feel like revisiting this place where I was so erratic and lazy and where I procrastinated everything. But well, I havent given up on myself, and … Continue reading One Last Time!!


The Strix ~ Trust

The Strix

Something not bought,
But hard-earned.
Something not asked,
But freely given.

It is a gift,
Given when a stranger
Becomes a friend.
Free, but precious,

Please take care,
Of this fragile thing.
For it’s impossible to fix,
Once broken.

~ AlpeJohn




on the ledge
far jump
her faith, wobbly
her heart, numb
adrenaline flows
lifetime of woes
all have left her
no one to know
she built her own
strength, fight
comeback girl
wants to fly
just not sure
how to land
feather in hand
it floats
down to ground
distance darkened
by black matter pain
there was only
her light
she leapt
great heights
no one to catch her
just her own
two feet

~ Emily Clapper

~ from PoetGirlEm



When your world is burnt to ash,
When you are hit more than you can take,
When it’s a struggle…

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Cold Steel [ep 4.1]

To: From:[REDACTED] SUBJECT: Info on subject Jack, no last name. Name: UNCONFIRMED, goes by alias JACK. Origin:  N/A. Age: Appears to be around 28 or 30 years of age, standard sol age. History: No concrete records exist about the subject. There are no records of him entering or exiting the planet at any point of … Continue reading Cold Steel [ep 4.1]