The Town That Dreamt Towns

A short story about an orphan who goes on an adventure. A story that goes backwards in time and houses vanish in thin air and little girls ride motor cycles. A story where giants cry and shoes matter more than love and trains travel "Anywhere" Embark onto the journey with the little orphan and find yourself finding yourself.


Everything’s ‘Kay

Kay is a beginner to writing stories. NaNoWriMo, somehow inspired him to write and brings him experiences he never can forget. Never did novel writing make someone so lost in happiness and ecstasy and desire as it did to Kay... His journey through writing this novel of his opens up his mind and let yourself have a peek into it! I hope you give it a try !

Cold Steel [ep 4.1]

To: From:[REDACTED] SUBJECT: Info on subject Jack, no last name. Name: UNCONFIRMED, goes by alias JACK. Origin:  N/A. Age: Appears to be around 28 or 30 years of age, standard sol age. History: No concrete records exist about the subject. There are no records of him entering or exiting the planet at any point of … Continue reading Cold Steel [ep 4.1]